Cat with two faces (literally!)

  1. Thats so amazing, unbelievable, crazy, weird, cute, and so many other emotions all bottled up into one! lol
  2. OMG.... I did not like cats before... Now I like them even less.
    It's like the devil....!!:devil:
  3. ^^^ yes .. its kinda scary. But God works in Mysterious ways.
  4. I feel sorry for the poor baby. I couldn't tell from the video, can he walk? I thought he was wearing a diaper.
  5. Poor kitty!
  6. Wow, that is so weird looking...hope the kitty's in good health.
  7. whoa
  8. Looks like the kitty is ok and has a good home. Strange looking, but loveable nonetheless.
  9. I read about this yesterday, hopefully the life it lives is normal and happy.
  10. I agree-I wonder if he can get around. He just was laying and didn't seem to have full mobility w/ any of his limbs either. I feel sorry for that cat.
  11. Interesting...