cat who vocalizes loudly after dinner

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  1. Sammy used to be mostly quiet. He would sometimes open his mouth and do a silent meow. Noche was the boss. Since Noche passed, Sammy has apparently come out of his shell. Lately a couple of times after eating his dinner (canned food, favorite of the day), he comes into the room where I am and lets out a loud meow - almost a yelp. Guess he's saying "that was good."
    Funny how they change.
    Does anyone else have a cat who vocalizes after eating?
  2. Mine will meow at me for food, but she's pretty quiet after she's eaten.
  3. I read somewhere that when a dominant cat in a multi cat household passes away, the other cat, who takes that role, will take on that behaviour because they think it is the correct way to behave. :smile:
  4. Oh, interesting:smile: