Cat weight loss?

  1. My cats Luna and Sherman have both steadily been gaining weight, so we switched foods and as a result.... Luna got smaller and Sherman got bigger :wtf:

    What are you feeding your tubby cats and has it helped?
    Any suggestions?

    Getting a cat to exercise is about as easy as getting a cat to follow any other command :noggin:

    And because every animal post needs pics, here's my snaggly old man Sherman ready for his close-up

  2. Sherman is quite a guy! He's handsome!

    I know what you mean about not being able to get your cats to exercise. I have the same problem. Our vet said they're just born that way....some are naturally playful and active and others aren't.

    I don't what could cause the discrepancy in weight changes between Luna and Sherman. I do know that one of my cats is hypo-thryoid and is on medication for it. Our vet said that was the cause of wieght gain in his particular case. He's 10 years old.
  3. I am trying to accept that our cats are older and less active, but I feel bad having such a tubby cat LOL!

    Thanks for your input Leelee :heart:
  4. Have you had your cats check at the vets, in case something else is going on?
  5. What a gorgeous cat!! Petshops sell those light foods for cats, have you tried those yet? Or maybe just feed him raw food sometimes, as the cat can use all that protein for good.
  6. Mine cats seemed to go in the same direction and I had the vet check them out, we ended up going with Science Diet hairball control lite. Didn't help, but they seem to be pretty happy & healthy (just chubby).
  7. Sherman is SO handsome!!! :love:

    Do you monitor their feeding or let them free-feed? If you're monitoring their food intake, then he shouldn't be should let the vet know.
  8. It's not unusual for older cats to gain weight, especially past 10 yrs. old. It may be just lifestyle, but often it can be due to thyroid problems or even diabetes. If your cat has been chubby for quite a long time and even Vet prescribed weight control food doesn't help, it's quite possible an age related health issue is the cause. When you really need to worry is when a long-time chubbster suddenly begins to lose weight at a rapid pace. That is not a good sign! Some cats can live a long & happy life even as a roly-poly, but I always recommend getting them a check-up, just to be sure. :yes:
  9. Usually cat with thyroid disease and diabetes will show the opposite symptoms. Their appetite is great, but keep losing weight. You hardly see cats with hyPOthyroidism (which is more common in dogs). It actually can be usual for older cats to gain weight, just like the same reason with humans. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and we gain weight if we keep up the same eating habit...
    But nonetheless, having a check up at the vet is always a good idea. With different foods, you really have to look at the label because some 'light' diets can have more calories than normal diets, etc. Each brand has different feeding amount, so you really need to read the label and feed accordingly. The nutrition concept is the same. More calories you intake, more weight you gain. Unless you exercise... Weight loss in cats can be very challenging, as it is in humans. So talk to your vet in terms of how you can go about achieving success.