Cat Urine OH GOSH!!!!!!

  1. We just moved into a townhome about 3 weeks ago. One of our kitties got sick and started peeing in the corner of the bedroom. Stupid me started steam cleaning it before pretreating it!!! And now I have a spot about 1.5X1ft full of cat pee smell! The stain is completely can't smell it when you walk in the room but when you sniff the carpet you can still smell it! I'm scared b/c we are renting and in a few years when we buy a home I don't want to have to pay for new carpet if the rental company finds out!! What do I do??:confused1:
  2. Leave it alone. Problem with urine is that it never actually dries, it only crystalizes, so it will always smell when it gets damp or wet. When you move the property owner will replace the carpet anyway. Just keep the area dry.
  3. Ah darn...i thought i would be able to steam it out even if it look 100 times!! lol I put some baking soda on it for more getting it wet then.
  4. You need to fully saturate the area with an enzyme cleaner which neutralizes the odor.
  5. Yes, Enzyme cleaner will help. You have to make sure your kitty doesn't re-pee again. I would make sure to keep your kitty out of the area. Try placing down aluminum foil over the area because cats don't like the feel of it on their feet. Good luck. Cat urine in the summer is not pleasant.
  6. You got a Wal-Mart? Go get a product in your "As seen on TV" section called URINE GONE. I PROMISE, it will work! We had a couch stored in a friends house, and his cat peed on it 2 days before we moved it in to our new house...we saturated the hell out of our couch, and the cat pee smell is gone! PM me if you use it; I'd love to know if it works for you!
  7. When we got a new dog, our cat did the same thing. We tried everything, Urine Gone, steam cleaning, replacing the padding underneath the carpet. Nothing work. We eventually pulled up the carpet and laid tile.

    Good luck.
  8. you know what i just bought some online today...i'll let u know if it works!
  9. Yes, I agree with the suggestion of enzyme cleaner. Cat pee is the most difficult smell to get rid of. But I wouldn't worry too much about your landlord. If you plan on staying there a couple of years a certain amount of wear and tear on the carpet is to be expected.
  10. Ah good! I sure hope so! I wonder after a certain amount of time if they automatically have to do new carpet...and if we would have to pay...after all I did pay 500 bucks in pet deposits ahhh!!
  11. Tired the urine off today...will see how it smells once it dries!
  12. Another thing to try is Nature's Miracle. That seems to work pretty well.