Cat Urinating Problem UGH!

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  1. UUGH....I have 3 cats...I used to have 4 but gave one of my females to a family member because of urinating problems.
    Now I have 3 (2 males & 1 female) and the urinating problem has returned...and yes, before you ask about the other one we gave to family I did catch her doing it several times.

    So back to the of my cats is doing this. I don't know which one. I have 2 male persians and 1 female maine coon. They have peed on a brand new chaise lounger (I have used 5 bottles of Nature's Miracle trying to get it no avail...I'm about to try a professional cleaning service)....and now I just found out they peed on my printer:wtf: Yes...a scentless plastic computer printer (one of those expensive ones that prints photos)...well it's in the trash.

    I also found 2 pillows peed on...and if I leave dirty laundry on the floor they'll pee on that.

    I am at my wits end! The smell is nauseous...and I am an anally clean neat this is killing me!!!!

    What can I do??? I don't even know which cat is doing it! I mean I can't leave a camera on 24/7 because this doesn't happen all the time.

    I am planning on having the professional cleaner come in and steam clean my entire house (it needed it anyways because I am just finishing renovations) and steam clean the chaise lounger. I am throwing away all the pillows and plankets they've peed on.
    I'm also buying a black light and going through my whole house and trying to find areas I may not have known about.

    And yes...the litter box is kept clean...using the same litter as always...same location for the past year....same food...same water....I mean everything has been the same for a year!
  2. To be honest, this sounds like marking behavior. I had a cat who urinated inappropriately but in places you would expect, corners of bathroom, corners of rooms, etc. To intentionally mark a pillow, a printer, etc. this is the behavior of a male cat and one who does not like something that has occurred. Perhaps, the cat is mad about the cat who left, or you have a new roommate, boyfriend, friend - someone who has been over and touched these things that your cat has now scented?

    Have you heard of Feliway? It is supposed to calm cats and help them use the box, as does Cat Attract.

    However, if your male cat is marking then I must ask, is he neutered? There has to be some change in the environment that is bringing this on.

    EDIT** you said, you just finished renovations? Cats don't like changes...perhaps a workman was sitting on your pillows, touching your printer, etc? Perhaps, these items were recently placed in a new area? Cats are finicky!
  3. Hiya Loganz....

    I haven't heard of Feliway! I'll check into that right now!

    We've been doing the renovations ourself...and it has been in their area (the basement)! I haven't been to my desk downstairs in I'm not sure how long ago they did the printer thing!

    All my animals are neutered (except the dog)!

    I mean we had a lot of changes about a year - 2 years ago (moved across country, bought a dog, moved to another house, renovations)....but nothing really recently.

    It's weird....I wonder if I get everything all cleaned up and the renovations all finished (the biggest part is it's just painting and smaller things) if it will stop.

    Also what's weird is that it is not's not an everyday thing!
  4. Oh - and the dirty laundry on the floor is a cat magnet - My cat would seek it out, the bathmat, clothes, a towel - it was very annoying.

    Also, urinary tract infections are very common in cats - when my cat had one she would walk a few steps and all of a sudden I see her tail twitching! :cursing:

    Another possible explanation - kidney issues, if you have elderly cats kidney disease is a very common affliction..are your cats seeking out water, drinking copious amounts of water? These could be signs of a kidney issue, which of course, is treatable.

    In the end, although, you have not switched their litter and food, by your own admission you have renovated, and removed one of their pack. Therefore, things in your house have changed. It is most likely these changes that are causing this Marking behavior, new chair, laundry on floor, smell from photo printer, etc.

    I would look at the behaviors of your male cats as one of them is most likely the culprit.
  5. Hi twiggers!! Honestly, I think the renovations are the culprit and you have a male cat marking his territory. I would give Feliway and the Cat Attract a try.

    The other things I mentioned in my second post may help someone else, they do not sound like they pertain to your situation at all!!

    Good luck, trust me, I know how frustrating this can be!!
  6. This is definitely a marking behavior. This is why I won't ever get male cats again. I could almost guarantee it is not the female. Neutering has nothing to do with it. Everyone told me how strange it was.

    I also think it has to do with all the activity that is going on in your environment at the moment. Plus with summer coming, the smell will only increase.

    This might be worth a try, though I have never used it. Good luck.
  7. No offense to people, but I can't stand cats, lol. My parents have a female kitten that has decided after a couple weeks to pee on random things maybe once or twice a week. She peed on a pile of my Dad's shirts, peed on his bed, peed on newspaper lying on the Dad doesn't care for cats either so he's pretty peeved. My Mom has decided to make it an outdoors cat because of this. They don't care for animals in their house anyway. I just don't understand why a female cat would be doing this.
  8. I have a male cat that will pee in my daughter room because of jealousy. I use this stuff called "Out" from Wal-mart. It neutrilizes the smell if you leave in on. I also steam clean the area too. Also, I have used Oxy clean but you have to test the fabric for color safety. So sorry!
  9. I have had this problem in the past and I believe it is linked to the number of litter boxes in the house. It sounds like you have only one box. Ideally you should have one box per cat---plus an extra if you can stand it. I know it sounds horrible but I found that when I added a box the problem virtually stopped. Now I have 8 cats and 9 boxes, sad but true.

    AS for Feliway, I have tried that but I never noticed it really making much difference in anyone's behavior.
  10. Maybe they should consider putting the cat up for adoption. Regardless of how you or they you feel about cats it's so unfair, if not cruel, to the cat to make it live outside after having lived indoors. Too sad...
  11. Thanks everyone!

    I have 2 litter boxes....and I know I should have a third or fourth!

    Maybe I need to start from scratch with these guys....get the basement new litter boxes (these ones need to be replaced anyhow)...try Feliway/Cat Attract....steam clean everything...and see what happens!

    I just wish I could pinpoint which cat it is...that way if there are medical issues I can take that cat in!