Cat training techniques: which is better??

  1. I am trying to train my cat not to bite and not to jump on the kitchen counter. Does anyone have any advice? I have been reading the cat books and there are two schools that I have found thus far. The water squirt bottle and the can with coins. Which is more effective? Any advice appreciated!
  2. squirt bottles work but you would have to be on guard 24/7 for it to be really effective. you can put double sided tape on the counter till she gets it or tape crumpled newspapers to it (they hate the feel of sticky tape and loud noisy paper). also reward her when she walks up the counter and just sits down. positive reinforcement works best. negative reinforcement simply by ignoring them drives them nuts too - cats respond to being ignored and ignore yelling or firm commands for the most part. as far as biting goes, what usually preceeds her biting you?
  3. I used the firm voice technique for the counters. If I was in there, I would also pick her up and put her down. Over and over if need be. She got the point. She is twelve now, and does not get on the counters... when I am home or awake! I have a bowl of wrapped mints up there and every once in a while I will find one on the floor. She thinks they are a fun toy. Honestly, I think most cats probably do what they please when you are not watching or likely to catch them. Luckily, my cat was never nippy so I didn't have to deal with that.
  4. Thanks so much for the responses!

    I don't know why he bites. He just randomly bites. Example: He might be sitting by the window sunning himself. I sit on the easy chair across the room. He looks up, ambles over, jumps on the chair purring, nuzzles me a bit, then bites me and walks away. He's got issues.
  5. We had a cat that would continually jump on the sofa (leather sofa & claws do not mix:wtf:) I laid aluminum foil on the sofa. As soon as he would jump up, the noise & crinkly sensation scared the crap out of him. It stopped the sofa jumping:yes: Maybe try it on the counter for a few days & see what happens~
  6. might just be his personality. if its just a little nip, sometimes this is a way of an animal "marking" you or in our terms, showing us a little affection. (some dogs do this too - its like a hug). if he is hurting you or drawing blood, then perhaps next time he does this or is about to do it, firmly (not painfully) grab the nape of his neck and say calmly, "no". He will get the picture sooner or later that this is not acceptable behavior. this is how mommy cats scold their kitties sometimes (that and little swats but I don't recommend that - grabbing their neck gets their attention)
  7. 2 Funny!!! My cat does the same. She'll nuzzle and rub and then bite like ok i'm tired of you now. I'm like ummmmm you came to nuzzle me you little nutburger.
  8. I use a water squirt bottle works!
  9. I'm sure our youngest cat isn't normal, she absolutely loves newspaper!
    If we leave one on the floor she spends her whole time trying to get her paws underneath it as if somethings hiding there, and she likes nothing better than walking on a crinkly jiffy bag!
  10. I've heard some negative things about the squirt bottle technique. Basically, you have to hide and squirt the cat, or the cat may associate the squirt bottle with you and not the bad behavior. I don't know if it's true or not, but this has always made me wary of trying it. When my cats get up on the counter, I just pick them up and put them on the floor, and firmly say NO. Then I ignore them for a while (so they don't associate anything positive like affection or food with the bad behavior). It takes a lot of reinforcement, but they learn after a while.

    As for biting, it depends on what kind of biting it is. My male cat softly bites when he is happy - kind of like a kiss. It doesn't really hurt and he never holds on or breaks the skin, so I just let him do it. Now it if is agressive biting, I'd use the same technique I use for them jumping on the counter.
  11. My cat used to jump up on our kitchen counter, but only while we were all asleep. I never saw him do it, but once when I left a new bag of dry cat food on the counter he got up there and chewed a hole it in. And I had found a few cat hairs on the counter before that, so I knew he was probably doing it.

    Paper and foil did not scare him. What worked was lining up a row of empty cola cans along the edge of the countertop. Yes, this was annoying. But after two nights, it broke him from jumping up there again.

    My cat will randomly give us a nip sometimes too. It never draws blood and oddly enough, he looks suprised after he does it! I really think it is some kind of reflex.
  12. Ok, I guess I have to give up on hoping we will stop nipping. I just put aluminium on the chairs and kitchen counters. Here's hoping he hates foil!
  13. I have had great results with the squirt bottle. It has gotten to the point don't even need to use it anymore. If the cat looks like it is going to jump on the counter, I can just put the squirt bottle out and it changes its mind. The kitties are still cuddly and friendly with me, so I don't think that they associate me with the squirt bottle. They just now know where they aren't allowed.
  14. Erm... apparently, my cat thinks foil is a fun, new toy! He's up on the sofa playing with it right now. :s
  15. there are always exceptions to every rule thats why you have to try different things.;)