Cat sneezing blood, anyone who has experienced this & can help? Any vets here?

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  1. There are 4 wild cats who live in my patio basement & come faithfully for food every day.
    No way can I touch any one of them, regardless of how good I am to them they will still scratch badly if you try to touch!
    One has been sneezing for a long time & recently sneezing blood! I have successfully got two courses of antibiotics into him by disguising in small pieces of food before the main meal, last course the strongest the vet could give me but the problem remains! The cat looks sleek & healthy, no weight loss. I cannot catch him to take to vet.
    Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be & what I can do? Of course vet says to bring him in but I have tried to catch & no way can I do it! I hate to think of the poor animal suffering but then again he doesn't look emaciated & I would hate to give up on him!
  2. Sorry i can't help you, i've never heard of this problem before. But i just want to comment on what a dear angle i think you are for taking care of these animals. They're probably really healthy because of you and i'm sure if they could say thank you, they would.

    Maybe there are ways that you could catch him...just look it up online, there are some clever people out there with clever ideas. Good luck :smile: and God bless your dear heart for being so kind to animals :heart:
  3. Thanks so much for your kind words Aqua, these animals are not mine as such, wild & free creatures but I have come to know & love them
  4. I found this info on a veterinary forum:

  5. Thanks so much Cutie, I also found on internet that it could be nasal cancer! I just don't know how I will catch this wild cat to take to vet. I so hope not he looks so well otherwise!
  6. This happens to Kitten every other year or so (she's 5 now). So far they've just been colds and whatever infections that she's picked up (even though she's an indoor cat). Usually they check her blood, give her an antibiotics injection, and send me home with oral antibiotics. In fact, she just started sneezing blood after the holidays and tonight is her last oral antibiotic that I got after taking her to the vet (thank goodness for me!).
  7. You could get a humane trap and trap him. Although it will be hard to trap just him as you may find it takes time to trap him and not the other cats. I had to trap 6 feral strays living in my yard one at a time and take them to a no-kill shelter.
  8. This gives me hope Lori, thanks for posting!
  9. Tried it to get him in cage take him to vet, put food in cage, he is too crafty to go in!
  10. You need to get one of those trap cages - put the food in and when they go in the door shuts automatically. You dont have to do it, so its much easier.

    I know here that you borrow them from the council, maybe ask your vet where to get one?

    Goodluck, its so sweet of you to try and help this poor thing!
  11. ^^^ It's called a have-a-heart trap. Your vet may have one for you to use or you might be able to enlist them help of one of your local rescue groups.
    In my experience as a vet tech and vet student, I agree that you need to get him ASAP. It could be a whole host of things. He definitely needs veterinary medical attention.
  12. Good luck catching the kitty! He's really lucky to have you.
  13. Have you tried phoning the Cat Protection League to see if they can advise you or help you to catch the cat (or maybe the RSPCA)?
  14. We have a cage but he is too crafty he won't go in for the food.
  15. Professionals are very good at catching cats, even very scared ones. They might be able to catch the cat in a net. Sounds like it really should see a vet.