Cat Pooping in house-help!

  1. I have three cats. Cleo,Maddi,and Ike.
    We've had Maddi probably about 6-8 years. Im not sure how long really. Point is, she's not a kitten. Now, we have a little kitty door so they can go out back when they want, and that is where they do

    Recently within the last month and a half, Maddi has been pooping in the house! Usually under the compter desk in the computer room. A few times in the hallway. And here's where it really made me mad, in my room once!

    I don't know what to do. Usually when I find the poop, I get her, show her the mess and say no very firmly. then make her go outside.

    Nothing seems to work. We can't shut her out, because the other cats need to be able to go freely when we are at work.
  2. Is she well or can it be that she has stomach problems that make it impossible for her to make it all the way out sometimes? Has something in her environment changed recently so she can feel stressed? "Accidents" like this can sometimes be the pets' way of telling that she needs more attention from the owner. Hope things will sort out soon. Your vet should be able to help.
  3. ^ Exactly what she said, plus, cats like having their own litterboxes. I know you said you don't have any, but you might consider getting one. Our vet recommends one for each cat, plus one more (because sometimes they like variety).
  4. I have the same problem with one of my cats and we don't let them outside, they each have one litterbox. He is perfectly healthy and no longer uses a litterbox to poo. It's incredibly frutrating and the best guess our vet has is that it's territorial- is there a chance that's the case with your kitty?
  5. thanks guys!
    it just seems weird she'd want a litter box after years and years of not having one. she's been pooping fine outback for years! lol
    plus she's outside almost all night/day, so it's not like she can't make it out there to do it..
  6. Take her to the vet to first rule out any medical condition. If the vet finds nothing medical you'll know it's behavioural, and you can begin to unravel the problem. I won't go into all the sad details now, but we lost one of our cat's :crybaby: last September and the first sign of his disease was pooping outside of the box.

    Let us know what happens after you see the vet.

    Good luck.:heart: