Cat person or dog person?

  1. We had to put our 12 year old Persian to sleep a few weeks ago:cry: I'm taking an animal free break for a bit but we have been thinking of what to do next.. I love animals & I want my kids to have a pet. They were never "close" to my Persian. I've always been a cat person.. I like the cleanliness & the fact I can leave them for a few days without guilt. Although lately, puppies just seem SO cute to me! Anyway, I was wondering, are you a "cat person" or a "dog person". I thought it would be fun to see:amuse:
  2. Sorry about your Persian cat, acegirl.

    I love cats, dogs and human beings - in that order! :biggrin:
  3. Sorry about your cat!!! I'm definitly a dog person!
  4. Nooooooooooo don't take an animal break!

    Sorry about kittie.
    So sad. I had to get a kitten right away when I had to have mine put down, a rescued outdoor kitten.

    Check out these FAB pets-they need you. And others like you.

    These are good ol' boys and girls - since they are waiting to be adopted they will be SO :heart:GRATEFUL for a home.

    Read the thread for the LA kitties that need help (or maybe it is too late...)

    Puppies are adorable but housebreaking is a pain in the butt. Crate training is fine but I found out I am a cat person. I don't like going to the dogpark with our dog, my hubby loves it so that works out.

    What's your zip code? I will find you a lovely cat or two or doggie on petfinder!:yes: Or a nice grown dog!

    Your kids will love them! They'll love the kids! When a dog is fostered the family knows how they behave with others and kids and cats so you can find a perfect match.
  5. I am so sorry to hear about your Cat. :cry: it is so hard to lose a family pet.

    I :heart: cats & dogs equally!!!
  6. sorry about your kitty. i'm a dog person for sure
  7. So sorry about your Cat...;(

    I am a dog person...but my pups have very short hair, and to me way less work than a cat! They go outside to potty, they have 2 doggie doors so they go out when ever they want, and there is NO hair around the house! They do not smell....and they are small enough that we just take them in the shower once a week and they LOVE it! Then they go lay on the the deck and have a sun bath to dry. They rock!
  8. Great post, kitskats!

    Acegirl, hope you'll consider what kitskats has suggested.

    BTW did you keep that Bosca bag after all?
  9. Dog person all the way. (Currently have 2 labs, but hoping to add a Newfie to the family. :biggrin: )
  10. aw, so sorry about your kitty. :cry:

    i'm a dog person. :yes:
  11. I love both equally....with humans coming in last place too lol
    I have 2 persians, 2 mutt cats, and a miniature schnauzer.
    I think I like dogs and cats for different reasons...but they all have a place in my heart.
  12. I have a cat, and I consider myself a cat person, but I plan on getting a dog when I move out.
    I'm sorry for your loss, I remember when our first cat died. I was never close to her and we didn't really like each other, she was mostly my dad's cat. However, when she died my mother also wanted a break from having another animal, but after 6 days none of us could take the silence anymore, so then we got a new kitty which I've bonded so much with and I love her to death - actually she's sitting next to my laptop as I write this. lol.
    I used to have a pic of her in the pets-thread, but I can't find it anymore..:hrmm:
  13. I'm sorry about your loss acegirl :sad:

    I'm a dog person. I had a golden retriever growing up. When he passed, I had a real hard time. I haven't had another pet ever since. Both DH and I :heart: dogs, so we have been looking into getting one.
  14. So sorry to hear about your cat. I know what it is like to lose a beloved member of the family.

    I would say I am a dog person.
    It doesnt help that my DH is allergic to cats.
    If it were completely up to me I would have every animal imaginable.
  15. Yes, I've been following that thread, it breaks my heart. I was just on Petfinder today & it will definitely be where we get our next pet;) My only problem is, our Persian, when he got ill, staring urinating on our furniture. I have had the sofas cleaned to the point they don't smell anymore however, I know if we get another cat with this furniture in the house, they will smell it (damn those super sensitive noses!) & likely start urinating on it too. (I spoke to my vet & he agreed)... We are building a new house & will be buying all new (urine free:shame: ) furniture at that point so we thought it would be best to wait until then. I don't want to start a bad habit in a new animal, especially one like this because it would be just unacceptable. It's a real bummer!

    PS. My kids are absolutely terrifed of dogs.. especially my 5 year old. My 2 year old sees his behavior & follows suit. I think it's just because they aren't around them much. Our neighbor has a Shih-tzu (completely harmless) & my son won't even go outside if he sees the dog. It's frusturating! We have tried to introduce him to our friend's dogs & we have always played the "what a sweet doggie he is, he wants to be your friend!" That never works:sad: So if we did ever get a dog, we would have to introduce it as a small puppy so they could get used to it at a cautious pace.. Whew, sorry, I didn't mean for that to be so long.. What a pet dilema! :lol: