Cat pee!!

  1. I was reorganizing my bags this past weekend, and found a Betsey Johnson bag I forgot I even had. As I picked it up off the floor I detected that dreaded smell----sure enough, there was a whomping big cat pee stain on the sleeper bag!! And the pee had soaked through onto the leather!!! So there is a large, slightly discolored and stinky spot on the bag (the leather is a very pale beige, like new vachetta). Stupid kitties!! My question is---does anyone have any recommendations for getting the stain out, without totally ruining the bag? I hate to throw it away, it's very pretty. The stain is on the side of the bag that would be next to my body while I'm carrying it so if it doesn't come completely out I don't really care.


    PS Right now the bag is packed with kitty litter to hopefully get the funk out!
  2. ugh cat pee is so gross smelling. no advice sorry. Hope you find the cure!
  3. dump it!!! lol

    i know how cat pee smells like and its not pleasant at all!!!

    my cat once got mad at me and PEE'd on my FEATHER comforter.

    I didnt even TRY to wash it---I tossed it.

    Then I tossed the cat out. lol jk!!

    BUt yess, she really did PEE on my bed...
  4. pee and cat litter.....just gross all around. I hate to say this but if it was me, that bag would be tossed pretty quick. Good luck.
  5. Not sure how long the pee has been there but sometimes even cleaning it professionaly will not get rid of the stain completely. But if you dont care, any bag/shoe repair i think can try to remove it.
  6. definitely go professional on this. good luck!
  7. As someone above said, "dump it." You'll never get that smell out!
  8. Oh no, sorry to hear that. I would die if my dog pees on one of my bags. But he had pee'd on other things before, and I clean it. He pee'd on an inexpensive canvas bag once, and I threw it into the washing machine. It came out, no smell at all but then again, i cleaned it right away. If your cat's pee stain has been there for a while, it would be a bit of a miracle to clean, but worth a try!
  9. I just don't think you could ever get it out sufficiently. Can you imagine using the bag on a hot humid day and have that smell come out on it.

    LMB took coffee stains out of my bag but at 125.00 that almost if the price of a Betsey bag.

    I guess just never leave a bag on the floor. Cat love leather. Everytime I bring out a bag they want to rub all over it and I'm sure if they had a chance they'd love to mark it with their smell....and pee.
  10. Honestly... I have to agree with what alot of people have said... dump it.. :sad: See the two adorable little things in my avatar? One of them...or perhaps they were in cahoots, relieved themselves on not one, but TWO of my comforter sets (one first, then the one I replaced it with!)... I threw away everything, sheets, comforter, pillows, etc... It broke my heart with the first one, because it was a Ralph Lauren comforter that I had broke in to perfection, so thick and comfy... So sad to think about...

    That smell never seems to go away though... Sorry, my vote is dump it and keep the bags out of the line of fire...
  11. That's exactly what i was thinking. :yucky:
  12. I say toss the bag too, no matter how well its professionally cleaned, once that scent is in something, its there to dont want to be known as the girl with the pee bag now do you?

  13. tend to agree, I dont think you can get that out :yucky:
  14. O my! This is something I know quite a bit about. :sad: This happened to me last summer.

    The only thing that ended up helping me was washing the bag in Tide but you can't do that b/c of the leather. Nature's Miracle is usually recommended but its a liquid so that won't work on your bag. Try taking it to a leather specialist but take it quick b/c one it sets in thats it.

    Hope you can save the bag.