Cat Owners Please Advise

  1. Our cat is spoiled rotten! We rescued him from a shelter and have loved, pampered, and spoiled him. Lately, with no success, I've really been trying to keep him off our stove, counter tops, kitchen and dining room tables. Any suggestions?
    At this point is it a hopeless situation considering how much we have catered to him?
    Please advise.:heart:
  2. We also have two spoiled rotten kitties. My husband is a neat freak, so he feels pretty strongly about keeping them off of counters and the table. The best way to accomplish this is with a squirt bottle. Since cats hate water, keep the squirt bottle in the kitchen and on the table when you are eating and squirt the cat when it goes where it shouldn't. Although cats don't like water, it doesn't hurt them at all and they get the message very quickly.
  3. Yep I was going to say water pistol too. Also I've read that cats really hate the feel of tin foil on their feet, so you could try putting that down for a few days.

    PS, that's a great photo! Black cats are really hard to photograph, they're normally just shapes with eyes, but you can see all his fur on that one :heart:
  4. We actually did try that for about a week or so with a water bottle labled "Bad Bad Kitty", but somehow our cat got bold and defiant and the water didn't seem to phase him after a bit.:nuts: Plus I felt really bad squirting him.:love: Maybe we should try this again. :yes: Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try this right now!:yes:
  6. My dog obedience teacher told me to mix water w/ 1/4 parts lemon juice for misbehaving. She said it won't hurt other pets either. If the water isn't enough, maybe the lemon juice will help. I also put tape rolls on certain furniture or double stick tape in the past and the cat hated it b/c her feet got stuck.

    Here's a link for an article.
  7. Squirt guns can be quite effective. Just keep in mind that Kitty will continue to get on the stove, counter-top, etc., when you are not there to witness it.
  8. There is a product available called SCAT and it will dispense a blast of air (or similar) when motion activated. I know folks at Humane Societies that sware by them, and the are SPCA approved, so no inhumane treatment is involved. These devices teach the cat not to venture onto the counter even when you are not around.
  9. I have a scat mat that I put on the the stove when one of my cats decided it was a good place to pee. This one gives off a very small static charge when it is jumped on. The same as if you drag your feet and touch something. After the first day the problem was solved. It sounds a little harsh but it didn't hurt my cats and it got the job done. Pee on the stove is completely unacceptable.
  10. I also swear by the squirt bottle. Cats won't hate you for spraying water on them. My cat is frightened and run away at Olympic speed whenever I hold the squirt bottle up. However, whenever she gets a chance, she stills sleeps on the lap or worse still, perks on my shoulders!
  11. Squirt bottles and tin foils work.

    But what your cat really is craving is height! Cats LOVE to be perched on high places and be able to have a view of their territory. If you want to spoil him even more (hehe!), get him a tall cat tree that he's allowed to climb on! Something higher than where you don't want him to be will work.
  12. I used a squirt bottle to deter my cat from doing naughty things too- it worked at first, and what was really funny was when the bottle was just sitting on the table he would sneak up on it and knock it over and run away. But then one day he just got over fearing the water and would just sit there and look at me like " Yeah So??" I would just keep squirting him- it was only water. Eventually he would get the picture and jump down then spend a good hour licking himself because he got wet. I think he finally got tired of it because he hasn't done anything naughty in my presence for some time now.
  13. this thread makes me laugh, I love my cat and I have the same problem, my cat only listens to my bf, he wont do the bad things when he is around, when Im alone he eats out of my dish, drinks my water and is a brat! I agree with the water pistol, combined with a sharp and loud and firm voiced NO! he will run away , maybe the lemon joice will help a lot, great idea. Cats are so sneaky and bad, but I love them. Your black cat is gorgeous!!! we saved ours from the shelter to and he is spoiled rotton, he used to steal food off my plate and run, he is much better now. lol.
  14. Aluminum Foil is how I broke my cats of it. Crinkled sheets of it up a bit, and put on every flat surface I didn't want them on. We also use water pistols.
  15. Have you tried buying a squirt gun? My 2 year old spoiled rotten cat once in a while likes to jump on the dining table...once he spots the squirt gun (containing water) he jumps off and runs away. It's worked...he doesnt do it anymore really.