Cat owners help please!

  1. First at all I wanna say thank you for looking at this thread. I dont own a cat, no pets whatsoever :sad: but my the guy next door does, no idea how since we are not allowed to. So he has this old (17 years I think he told me) cat, she is so cute and she is always hanging out my patio, she comes all the time and I always offer her milk and she always drinks it I was even gonna buy some cat food for her just in case you know ;). It looks like this guy never feeds her, yesteday when I came home from work she was waiting for me and she started litteraly crying and begging for what I tought it was food, didnt know what to give her so I gave her a piece of skinlees grilled chicken breast I brought home and some warm milk because it was cold and rainy and she eat it and everyone happy.

    So today I came home and found something very gross in my walkway that looked like I dont f**** know I am sure she :throwup:, what else could it possible be?? What did I do wrong?? Did I poison her with the chicken?? I am scared I made her sick I just wanted to feed her. :crybaby:She was there too waiting for her milk but I dont even want to make her more sick.

  2. Sometimes when a cat (I have one) is used to a certain type/style of food and they are all a sudden introduced to something they don't normally eat, it can affect their system. Trust me - I've learned the hard way.

    So nice of you to try to take care of the cat - hope the owner gets better with taking care of her!
  3. What kind of milk have you been giving her? Regular cows milk does not get along with cats I believe, so you have to buy special milk for cats if you choose to give a cat milk. I would stop giving her milk, and just some water. As for the food, just stick with regular cat food. Bless you for helping her out and giving her food, please continue to do it. Also, monitor her for the next couple days to see if she is still getting sick, etc.
  4. Aww! I'm sorry about the kitty. So sweet of you to take an interest. Cats can have sensitive tummies. My cat can't eat wet food or he upchucks. I've been told cats shouldn't drink milk (though my cat likes it just fine). I might suggest investing in some kitty snacks. (you can get them cheap like a dollar for a little bag) that way you have a treat, but it's less likely to give the cat an upset stomach.

    Don't feel bad. the cat could have had a hairball or ate some grass and thrown up because of that. Obviously the cat likes you and wouldn't be visiting otherwise.

    It's sweet that you care. You might just mention to your neighbor that kitty comes to visit and ask if kitty treats would be okay. I am sure he would be thrilled that you like his cat. I always like those who join me in my adoration of my cat! (note the avatar!)
  5. Aww that is so sweet that you care for the poor baby (well..not quite baby anymore but I call every animal that). I agree with the above posts. Have you seen the cat afterwards? If she's not feeling well because of her tummy she may not be so cats always sit around when somethings wrong. Hope she gets better soon if she's sick, and next time you could maybe even buy some sensitive/senior cat food and give it to her. It is someone else's cat so you could ask him, but its a shame he doesn't take care of her the way she should be treated (like a queen!! lol). If it were me I'd ask I guess..and then buy some food for her. If that's not an option for you you could continue giving what you gave her before! I'm glad she has someone else to love her besides her owner!
  6. Yep, agreed, it was probably just the milk! Or maybe a hairball, never know.

    There is a product called Cat Sip (I think) comes in a little box and it is a milk product, I think? I used to have to mix my old cat's meds into it, and she LOVED sipping that up! But it has the enzymes that cats can digest, and other important nutrients specifically for cats/dogs. My cats never got ill off of cows milk, but I only gave it to them in small portions.

    So nice of you to be concerned and care for your neighbors cat!
  7. Maybe try watering down the milk a little in the future.
  8. so very nice of you to care for the kitty, I agree with not giving milk and stick to water and cat food.
  9. Thank you so much everyone for the help. I was using my fat free milk from Trader Joes, I will get some kitty food this weekend when I go grosery shopping. She is doing good, she didnt vomit again and oh well she is not very playfull bc she is old but she is still here sitting in my patio, lol. Thanks again.
  10. Regular cow's milk doesn't sit well at all with cats. :smile: Canned feed would be a good alternative for her, she will love it and you!
  11. Feeding her a cat food that is different from the one her owners feed her is not the best idea as any change in diet can make kitties sick. And I agree with not giving her milk.
  12. Yeah, cats can't digest cow's milk very well, and older cats (I also have a 17 year old cat) REALLY can't digest it.

    Are you sure it was vomit? Sometimes cats will gift people with something they've killed, such as shrews, mice, birds, etc. I had one cat who was always bringing me dead lizards.
  13. Thanks for taking care of her!!!!

    No milk for kitty, but plenty of fresh water is good.
    As others have said, milk isn't good for much as they like it.
    Water and food will be best for her.

    Speedy is right about them bringing you "gifts", too. While we may not appreciate it,
    the cat means well.
  14. I think it is really great you are caring for her when it does not appear her owner is. That is sad.

    Agree w/ everyone on milk. My cat can't digest it at all and gets very sick- and she's only 5. I found out when I got her from the shelter a few years ago when I tried to give a bit as a "treat."