CAT Owners Club - Pics of your babies!!

  1. Don't they all...?! :lol:
  2. ^^^^ *HaHa* Isn't that the truth!!! :biggrin:

    *BEAUTIFUL* cats everyone. :tender:
  3. This is my 15-yr old girl Maggie.

    And this is little whatshisname who will be home with us July. He's a Savannah kitten, about 8 weeks old in this pic

    Here he is at about 5 weeks.
  4. ^^Look at that gorgeous marking!!! She is going to be a wild girl!!!
  5. What absolute cuties everyone!!!!
  6. this is Sepia and he will be 2 years old in a few weeks
  7. OMG thank you so much for sharing... you made my day! LOL I love the little hats... hehe!!!!

    LOVE!!! :heart::heart:
  8. Aww, he's a real cutie! My cat also gets everything he wants... he's big into dramatics as well... doesn't just meow or cry, he weeps when he doesn't get his way!!!
  9. I couldn't resist posting this one...Wesley again (he has to be involved in everything).
    Picture 1037.jpg
  10. ^Haha, how cute!
  11. Wesley playing scrabble is so cute!
  12. Here's a few of Shippo. He was my sister's cat but he now lives with her friend in Canada.


  13. Gorgeous babies everyone! :heart:

    ^ the 2nd pic of Shippo made my day! heehee..
  14. hehe, thank you vanessa_karie! Your baby's really adorable too!

    Shippo was such a clown. I miss having him around...
  15. I think I am going to join the Wesley FanClub!

    p.s. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my kitties!