CAT Owners Club - Pics of your babies!!

  1. Yep! I got this customized on Now i can look at my Lola all day at work when I move my mouse lol.
  2. She looks like a princess. And Lola is a perfect princess name.. I going to have to check out that website.

  3. Love it! Lola is quite the model...she should be doing commercials! :smile:
  4. I was always puzzled as to why my long sleeve tee's were often pulled out of my wardrobe. I now know how it happens...........

  5. [​IMG]
  6. I love how comfy he looks and seeing the white paw on your clothes. I had two tuxedo cats, just lost one of them a few months ago he was 13 years old.
  7. ForumRunner_20120824_132336.png

    my tortie Persian
  8. It's been awhile and I love reading and seeing all these cute fur babies everyone has here.
    My Stitch and Mochi (he's the one in the back) both being couch potatoes with me watching TV

  9. *lol* our Áurea is always opening my undies drawer and socks drawer :lol:

    awww, chillin with Mommy! Love those two!
  10. Ahhhhh so cute, your black and white one looks similar to mine
  11. Otis loves to sleep in cardboard/shoeboxes
  12. So funny!

    Have any more pictures of Otis? :love:
  13. Of course!
    image-3013312101.jpg image-1788170317.jpg