Cat Lovers look here!! (Aswell as a bit of eye candy for you ladies!) ;-) hehe

  1. OOhh this is very cute indeed! I just had to share this with you all... :shame:

    Im sure all of you cat lovers/owners out there can relate to this! Not to mention the hunky owner... He's quite nice to look at too... ;)

    Check out this adorable music video! :p

    The Mean Kitty Song:
  2. That was so cute!
  3. lol! so cute!
  4. Cute cat..that guy is a dork, lol!
  5. LOL! yeah he's not much a dancer but i still dig him...
  6. That's adorable!
  7. cracked me up! thanks for sharing!
  8. thxs for sharing...:tup:
  9. VERY funny!!!
  10. What a beautiful him
  11. thanks so much for sharing this! i :heart: it!!!
  12. haha cute!