Cat ladies please HELP me

  1. I just adopted a cat a week ago. He is adorable and sweet and cuddly. But there have been some problems and I don't know what to do.

    First of all, I just found out that I am allergic to cats! I had never spent any time around cats and had no idea I was allergic.

    Also, he is unaltered. I have discovered that there is no stench greater than the stench of tomcat pee. If you don't know what it smells like, thank your lucky stars. I mean GOOD LAWD!!!!

    He is getting fixed in a few days and the vet says that will help with the pee smell. I sure hope she's right. We are currently cleaning his box 4 times a day or more.

    Also the cat thinks that 4am is the perfect time to start racing around the house like a lunatic on the run from the men in white coats. He does that for a while and then he sits in front of my door and starts to meow. Loud. Repeatedly. Until I get up and let him into my bed.

    I just don't know what to do. My BF's children are already attached to the cat so I really want to work it out. And he is sooo sweet. At first he slept in my bed and followed me around all day. As of yesterday, I don't really play with him and he looks so sad and pitiful. I feel just awful for not being able to cuddle him like I used to but I just can't take the allergy symptoms anymore. I kept him out of my room all day yesterday and washed my hands every time I touched him. I did sleep a lot better last night for the first time since he came home. But now I find the symptoms are even worse if I step foot in any other part of the house where the cat has been.

    Is there a good medication for cat allergies? Is it effective?

    If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. I'm at my wit's end.
  2. maybe try some clariton(?) and see if that helps a little bit. my friend's husband is allergic to cats and everytime they goto her parents house he takes some and my friend says he is fine.

    i'm pretty sure they have better allergy meds to take, maybe ask your vet or doctor.

    does your bf and kids live with you? if not, possibly another option is to give the cat to them? then it will have someone to play with.

    and if you think your cat is sad because you're not playing with it enough, maybe set some time aside each day and play with it (the strings on wands are wonderful). the cuddling part he'll eventually get over. i've noticed that my cats do like to cuddle but only for a short amount of time and then they move to somewhere by themselves.

    not sure what other advice to give... i know how hard it would be to have to keep my cats out of my bedroom, they sleep with me everynight. but i know a lot of people just do that anyways. my cats like to play on my bed at 4-5am in the morning! you just get used to it and ignore it.

    good luck and i hope everything works out!
  3. Congrats on the new cat! I was laughing at your post, not because your situation is funny, but it sounds like typical cat behavior. My kitty likes to race around at all hours too, but there are ways to fix that, no worries.

    For the allergies, I would give yourself at least 2 weeks to adjust to your new pet. When I got my kitty I found I was allergic to her too, my eyes itched and watered terribly. But I'm not actually allergic to cats, having her around so much and so close to me just shocked my system. I got over the allergy quickly. Try taking some Benedryl and see if you adjust to your new cat over the next few weeks. You can ask one of the kids or your bf to brush out your cat a couple times a week too to cut down on the hair.

    For the spraying, I would just recommend neutering. I've had neutered cats before and none of them smelled bad.

    As for the yowling and dashing about at night, nighttime is your kitty's natural playtime. Cats are fairly nocturnal animals, they only sleep at night once they adjust to your schedule. Try to keep your cat awake as much as possible during the day (poke and play with him at naptime) and he'll start sleeping through the night. He'll probably adjust naturally to your schedule even without your interference.

    Good luck with the new kitty!
  4. Yes, sounds very much to me like typical kitty behaviour.

    I too am allergic to many things including my two cats. I take Rx Nasonex nasal spray daily and that helps.

    I also do not let them in my room and they do not sleep with me. If your cat is crying outside your door, as hard as it is, it's best to ignore him as he will stop in time. Otherwise, he will learn that if he sits there and cries, you will eventually let him in and cats can be very persistent. My cats know my room is off limits so they don't cry to get in. They simply sleep right outside my door so I have to be careful I don't step on them when coming out of my room in the morning.

    Good luck!
  5. If I may offer my two cents:

    If your cat is young, the crazy 4 a.m. running around is just a "kitten" thing. Around age two they mellow out a lot.
    Getting him neutered will help with the spraying issue, I promise. After this happens you should be able to clean out his box once a day, not four times a day.
    And as for the allergies, my husband was allergic to cats but we've had them since we were married four years ago and he's grown out of it. Maybe you can have the same luck. If not, Claritin is great.

    Have fun with your new friend! Cats are very loyal and loving, and just want someone to cuddle up with. :smile:
  6. You've gotten great tips so far!

    I'd just like to add that neutering your cat often calms down kittens, they tend to be more relaxed afterwards :smile:

    Good luck!
  7. Oh, thanks so much for responding everyone!!! Mr. Stinky Butt is sleeping now. We cuddled on the porch and then he chased my legs for about an hour. I love that little stink-bug!!! I gave him a bath today. He's super pissed at me now but I still :heart: him. I took him out on the lawn to eat some grass and then we cuddled some more. Came home and then he thought it would be fun to attack my legs again every time I went into the kitchen! Dang cat!!!
    I'm glad to know that allergies sometimes go away with time. It has only been a week so I'll wait and see. Poor sad little kitty is getting sprayed with water because he keeps scratching the rug. My BF squirts him and then he runs away. Poor thing.
    To answer the question: BF's children visit every 2 weeks. They don't live here.
  8. My kittie allergies have all but gone away. The only time I have problems is when I clean, but you can wear a dusk mask to stop too much of the effects. I used to be so allergic I would get hives, asthma and the usual sinus problems. Make sure to protect him from fleas when he goes outside!
  9. Congrats on your new kitty:heart:
    And yes he is definately exhibiting typical cat behavior.
    Our Glenn gets the "midnite crazies" often and then will casually fall asleep on my DH's head:tup:
    The spraying will most likely stop once he's neutered.
    I'm not too sure about your being allergic to him, but you've been given some pretty good advice above pertaining to this.
    Enjoy your new kitty and join him by chasing him the next time he gets the "crazies".
    I do.:graucho:
  10. I call it the "night-time frenzy"! They usually grow out of it as they adjust to your schedule.