Cat keyfobs?

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  1. I see the different keyfobs with the different dogs (bull dog, up coming poodle, scottie,) but has coached ever made a keyfob with a cat?

    I love my dog (I have a Pom) but I am a huge cat person (as you can tell by my handle) and I would love, (I mean really, really love) a keyfob with a cat.

    Is there a way to email coach keyfob ideas?
  2. I know - I want them to make a Tuxedo kitty one! You can email suggestions to them - just go to the website and look for contact info.
  3. Tuxedo is cool. I want to see a spotted kittie like my babies.:smile:

    There are so many different breeds, it would be a whole collection.
  4. i was thinking the same thing - i'd buy one
  5. Kitty or bunny, I'd get em both!
  6. I'd buy a little gray one.. or a tabby. My kitties are dear to me.
  7. It does seem a little strange that they come out with keyfobs like a smooshed frog, fox, and toucan but never a cat...
  8. I would definitely get a cat keyfob.....I have five cats IRL!!! LOL
  9. I'd need three diff. color variations for my three... (I don't have a group shot because they don't really get along w/ each other much).

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  10. I think that would be really cute!:cutesy:
  11. I want an orange kitty one.
  12. I would love a gray tabby charm or keyfob. It just seems odd that they've done so many different dogs but not one cat.
  13. i absolutly love cats, i used to have this white one and she was adorable, i would def buy a white cat keyfob
  14. I'm down for a kitty!! I have 2 so that would be awesome! I seem to want every animal they come out with!!
  15. Maybe Coach is overwhelmed with which color cat to make so they put it off. lol Or maybe they're saving the best for last. Or maybe they just don't wanna let the cat out of the bag!