Cat keeps sticking tongue out... problem? (pic included!)

  1. Sometimes my cat sticks his tongue out for no apparent reason. He also falls alseee with it hanging out. Is this normal cat behavior or should I be worried?

    It's kinda funny. Look!

    July 30, 2006 008.jpg
  2. It's cute, he is just so relaxed his tongue hangs out. My dogs do that when they sleep.
  3. Nothings wrong,he just forgot to pull it back in:roflmfao:.Cute picture of your kitty IntlSet.
  4. I don't believe its anything to be concerned with. I see alot of animals do this. I would only worry if he started acting peculiar or stopped eating or foaming at the mouth - you know, out of the ordinary.
  5. Aww that is the cutest cat ever!:love:
  6. I'm sure its fine. And what's cuter than that?!
  7. I love how the cat is laying on the magazine. I guess all that reading tuckered him out.
  8. My moms cat used to do that. Sometimes my dog does it too. Its so cute though
  9. I had a cat that did that! Its just a habit and totally cute!!!
  10. If something interrupts my cats when they're cleaning themselves, their tongue sticks out a little bit. It's really not a big deal.

    (I once caught my cat sleeping with his eyes open. Well, not fully closed. It's creepy! Anyone else's pets do this?)
  11. awww too cute.

    my dog sleeps with her tongue out, eyes half open, everything. she even shakes around sometimes. i wouldn't worry!
  12. Hee hee!

    Your cat and I both get our style tips from Lucky magazine! :biggrin:
  13. What a cute cat.

    Cats do that when they are relaxed and feeling comfortable. It's a good sign and nothing to worry about. Take it as a compliment ;).
  14. My cat does this too. I love it when he falls asleep rolled on his back with his tongue sticking out. Totally cute!
  15. My dog sleeps with her eyes WIDE open sometimes and then when she is dreaming OMG it looks like she is in a full blow seziure and about to die...dogs look funny when the dream that they are running or eating!