Cat is going bald..Advice needed!

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  1. My cat currently has two HUGE bald spots on it's stomach and I'm curious to know if this is something really serious or maybe just purely stress related ? Or maybe it's just the way the fur was parted but I just happened to notice it now while petting her. You can't really notice it unless your petting her but in it's natural state the fur combs up on top of the patches...maybe I'm just being paranoid about nothing but either way it'd be appericated if i could get some advice on this....I tried searching the web and came up with no information. :sad:

    Thank You Guys,

  2. He could just be licking alot...some animals do this, and lick so much until they lick the fur off.
  3. I bet it's a food allergy. My friend's cat did that, and he was allergic to some ingredient in his cat food. She had to buy special food that didn't have dyes and things in it. That cat would lick in one spot so much, that he had bald spots on his legs, tail, and belly. Let us know what you find out.
  4. My sister's cat loses hair because of allergies. Environmental allergies and he's also allergic to fleas so even if one gets on him, he scratches so bad hair falls out.
  5. I can take a quick picture of it...if anyone would like ? I'd hate to go to the vet and find out it was really nothing and just stress related...since my parents have been making renovations to the house and there's been ALOT of different of things/people going in and out of the house...I was guessing it was because of all the new smells and people that he's seeing around that's stressing him out....I don't know though....does anyone want pictures maybe ?:confused1:
  6. Here is a link all about hair loss in cats and causes:
    From what you describe about the recent events going on, I would think that it would be stress-related. My cat had a lot of stress a while back and ended up vomiting because of stress, and the vet gave us tranquilizers to help prevent it again. It was scary, so I emphasize with you. Even though it is probably stress, I would personally take your kitty to the vet just to be extra sure. If you could, maybe post a pic of what the hair loss patches look like?
    I bet your kitty is fine, maybe after the renovations, see if she still has the problem. Good luck!
  7. This is what I was thinking. When I first got my Chi he started going bald by his ears & tummy. Turned out he was allergic to the food I was giving him. I tried him on 3 different food brands before finding one that he was fine with. My parents dog also had bald spots on her tummy, back & tail but it wasn't food related. She had some kind of mites (thankfully they don't spread to other animals). The veterinarian gave my mom some cream & it cleared up.
  8. Could be a lot of different things. If she is older I would have her thyroid checked. It could also be stress, a food allergy, a skin allergy or worst case Ringworm. Is there a red ring in the area where the fur is missing? Is she pulling the fur out or just licking it off. Is there a scab where the fur is gone? A pic would be a big help. Sorry for all the questions. I just went through this with my cat. He had a bad skin allergy and was pulling his fur out with his teeth leaving scabby spots every where. It was a nightmare.
  9. UPDATE:

    thanks guys for all the help. When someone mentioned something about skin fungus I got scared and scheduled an appointment to the vet the very next day and went in this past Thursday. The vet said there was absolutely nothing wrong with him and that it was probably triggered by stress... ( i told him about the house renovations that i've been having lately and there have been alot of people coming in and out of the house and at first i was sure it was just that he felt uneasy in the house and the immense amount of strangest going in and out probably stressed him out ) and I was lucky it was just that...nothing serious I have to worry about now.

    So thank you very much everybody for all the advice.

    However, the vet did say that I have to schedule an appointment within the next couple of weeks to get him neutered....Pepe ( my cat ) won't be liking that. :p:lol:
  10. sorry to chime in so late here, but we had the exact same thing with our cat shivers, she actually licked herself raw.... the vet gave us feramone spray, called Felaway (pretty sure that is is).


    She stopped the behaviour IMMEDIATELY. No kidding. I sprayed it on her bedding and her favorite areas and she stopped the same day. The hair grew back and I only used the spray three times.

    go figure cats.....