Cat helps save depressed lady

  1. My cats save me every day in so many ways. I don't think I could ever be cat-less again
  2. Likewise. I read that article a couple of days ago (and cried).
  3. agree....I will always want to have at least one kitty (or possibly dog) around

  4. I think animals in general, cats or dogs, save people every day. I have a dog and can not even express how many times he has saved me in some way. He never says anything to hurt my feelings, doesn't care what I look like and knows when I need a hug (or paw in his case).
  5. My cats were the only things that helped me through a huge depression after my gma passed away, I love them so much, they are just so amazing and inncocent, and love uncondionally (well as long as the food keeps coming) :smile:

  6. Me too, arnt they amazing