Cat has no "hot" day boundaries.

  1. It can be 100 degrees and my cat insists on laying down on me if I'm laying down. Nutty kitty. Anyone elses dog or cat have no "heat" boundaries?
  2. OMG my 2 doxies love to cuddle at night, no matter how hot they have to be leaning or lying on me. It's sweet, but oh so hot.
  3. you know, their body temps are around 101 degrees too! I don't understand!
  4. My doxie does that too! He scrunches up right next to you and every time you try to move away he only gets closer.
  5. My cat alternates between sleeping behind the toilet/in the shower, and sleeping on my head. :rolleyes: This is what I get for picking up strays.
  6. You all are lucky! We just adopted our third cat and none of them are lap kitties or sleep with kitties. :shrugs: They just do their own thing!