Cat Genie (Litter Box)

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  1. Anyone heard of them or owns one? I have been thinking about getting once since we have 5 cats EKK! lol here is the website It's crazy how it works!
  2. Wow. Times change!

    Just watched the video, and my only thoughts are, if you have 5 cats, even with the "auto dryer" what happens if one gets caught short just after another one has just been? Can you imagine if it mal functions, and one of them is in there and it turns itself on?? EEKKKK!

    Have you considered teaching your cats to use the normal loo? Apparently there is a book;

    How to Toilet Train Your Cat : 21 Days to a Litter-Free Home by Paul Kunkel

    Or this is supposed to work exceptionally well;

    LITTER KWITTER The Original Cat Toilet Training System.

    Someone mentioned how unhygenic it is to have a cat standing on the toilet seat, and someone else mentioned that that was much more preferable (when you can have disinfectant wipes sitting by the loo so you can give the seat a quick wipe before you use it) than having a cat using a litter tray and inadvertantly standing in it's own "business" and then walking all over the house! Fair enough point, I guess.

    I have to say, we only have one cat in the house, and he doesn't use a litter tray, just bangs on the door when he wants out.

  3. Looks interesting... I wanted a littermaid before I read all the stories about them flinging poo across the room.
  4. oooh. This is interesting. I know that my kitty likes a little bit of her old littler left inside while replacing the lot (like a small spoonful). I guess thats because shes still young (not even one year old yet!).

    It also looks quite small. has anyone used it? Is it that easy to hook up? the outlet into the toilet- does that mean you have to flush evertime your kitty takes a poop, and if your not at home when she does do you end up with a horrid mess of a suprise in the toilet when you get home?

    I have SOOO many questions! Its so good (and i am so lazy)!
  5. I have a litter maid for my 3 cats and I love it. However my oldest cat Pita was trained to go in the toilet years ago when she was little. The other 2 were hopeless and never took to it. I love my littermaid. Although the receptacles are a pain in the ass to replace if they get too full.
  6. Wow! Am definitely gonna get one of these when I have my cat brought over to the UK in a few years time!
  7. they just came out with one that has a cover on the top! NOW it's the perfect litter box lol
  8. I have one of these and it is the best thing ever. You have to get the washing solution and extra granuals. You change the granuals once every 6 months depending on how many cats you have. You have to change the solution about once a month. You can set the timer to how many times a day it washes the box. I have mine set for twice a day, 12 hours apart. I highly recommend this.

  9. Awesome! Check your PM inbox!
  10. I just replied to you Skinny. :smile:
  11. Hey, just wanted to revive this thread to say that I just converted to the Cat Genie from my Littermaid (which I thought was a great invention in itself) - oh my gosh, why didn't I do this sooner??! It is so wonderful; no more scooping litter or throwing out those plastic Littermaid trays. I literally never have to see or smell poop anymore! Plus after it runs, it leaves this super sweet sanitized scent throughout the house. The best investment ever if you own a cat!

    (I also got a hood, which I was skeptical of because my cat had never used a hooded litter box before. But she adapted right away! Yay!)
  12. Hmmm, this is certainly an interesting concept.
  13. Wow, I've just been reading their website. What a neat idea. I didn't think I wanted one in my bathroom (and my bathrooms are not really designed in a way that there is anywhere to put one of these) but being that they can be hooked up in the laundry room, I am really considering ordering one now.
  14. I have 6 cats and this sounds great, does anybody know if I can buy this in the U.K. or would they ship one to me. Thanks :tup:
  15. Sailor... how does it compare in size to a normal litterbox? I have a petite cat and then a larger cat and it is awfully tempting to get this, but I have to admit, I feel like from the pictures he wouldn't fit in it! And then I'll be cleaning up a mess on the floor instead of scooping litter.