Cat fanciers.

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  1. HOw many of you like cats, and what breed.. I've seen a lot of avatars with kitties so thought I'd ask.. I really like one called the savannah..
  2. I have a Snowshoe Siamese cat name Ching-Ching. She's stupid and scared of everything, especially my 13 month old. Here's a picture of a Snowshoe Siamese

  3. awwwww. I love it's paws (snowshoes).. Your cat must be adorable. My 18 month old loves cats in pictures but when she sees them at grandmas she gets really scared.. :weird:
  4. I have a tuxedo (white/black) shorthaired love I adopted from the shelter. I guess she's a mix? LOL. But her face is not as small as usual cats I see. Very pudgy on the cheeks and round. However, before I got my kitty, I did consider getting a British shorthair in grey color. That's my favorite breed! :love:
  5. I am a cat person :love: I have two kitties, Fat Mike and El Jefe. They're from the same litter, I adopted them three years ago from a pet rescue organization. I'm pretty sure they have Maine Coone in them, or at least that's what the vet told me.
  6. here is a savannah, it's mixed with cerval . [​IMG]
  7. Wow cute cat! :love: I like cats, but my mom hates them. :suspiciou I like persian cats. They're pretty and angoras.
  8. I have two cats. They're both strays, but I got them at different times. Pino is a tuxedo kitten that was found in the art building underneath a kiln where I went to college. He was only 2 weeks old (I had to bottle-feed him). Butters (yes, named after the South Park character) mother was a barn cat and his father was a feral. He's orange and white striped. I do have two dogs too. A full house over here, but I love my babies.
  9. my 13 month old LOVEs cats and dogs. Loves pictures and loves to chase them. He tries to bite their noses like he does his stuffed dog and cat. My cat is terrified of him :lol:
  10. I love all cats, all breeds, equal opportunity cat fancier. :love:
  11. Oh you have a boy. thats why, I saw a 15 month old playin fetch with a yorkie at the park.. and all my daughter could do was stand there dumbfound.. hahahah
  12. BF has 2 siamese and 1 Himalayan. The Himalayan is fur galore.
  13. I love cats! I have a 6 1/2 years old Norwegian forrest cat, but I want a persian or something like that when I move out in about five months time since I can't bring her with me (she's mostly my dad's cat). I don't have a picture of her here right now, but I'll try to dig up one later.
  14. kylieReese you might enjoy this Savannah breeders website her cats are out of this world :biggrin: .Keep in mind the best quality will cost you way more than a highend bag,I'm talking upwards of $8,000.00 :blink: .

    I own a snow white Ragdoll and a victim of Katrina who's owners passed away :sad: .She's the sweetest little chocolate point Persian,that poor little girl was such a mess when she was rescued they had to shave her completely bald and thin as a rail but she's back in tip top shape now :biggrin: .
  15. awww. well atleast she went to a good home.. :sad2: :biggrin:
    I like the savannah breed, but I don't think I'll ever get one, because they are way too wild for me. like the bengals they run up the walls and play like big cats..