cat eye tips?

  1. Hi, I really want to perfect my cat eye for fall. Does anyone have any tips, or can refer me to any links online?

    Also, I recall seeing some sort of new thick eyeliner pen by an inexpensive drugstore cosmetics brand, but I cannot remember the brand. Does anyone know what I am referring to? Or know of any other brands that sell a similar product? I am not that steady with liquid liner so I though the eyeliner pen was a great idea. Also, since it was thick, it would be easy to make thicker lines, which is what I'm looking for.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I personally prefer cream eyeliners, like Stila Smudgepots, they're a lot easier to apply than the
    liquid ones
  3. If you can find an Alexis Vogel Alexis Style eye kit on eBay(they were discontinued) you can get a wonderful cat eye with the kit. Alexis Vogel that is sold on Makeup Connection is not actually affiliated with Alexis Vogel anymore, but if you cannot find the high quality Alexis Style kit on eBay, you can use the lesser quality Alexis Vogel line. I say this because you get the liner plus a guide you can hold up to your eye to make it perfect.
  4. i haven't used a felt pen in about a decade. i remember them being easy to control, but they ran out quickly. i like liquid for a dramatic cat eye. i like to rest my elbow on the countertop, or other solid surface, in front of the mirror. cream/gel eyeliners are great too, they're a little more "soft" looking. most importantly is PRACTICE & PATIENCE, it takes time to master the technique. oh, and don't blink! good luck!!!
  5. Felt tips take a very steady hand (which I don't have).

    I just use a regular liquid liner and reapply until it's the thickness I want. Urban Decay liquid liner has a super thin brush that I find VERY easy to control. Trust me: I am spastic and I have shaky hands. If I can use this stuff anyone can!
  6. I use fluidline by MAC with their angle brush. It's great because it'll go on really thin yet you can thicken it up easily and without it being too thick. It's very easy to control, IMO.