Cat eating litter?

  1. I have noticed this for a while now how my cat will sometimes eat little pieces of litter on the floor. Is that normal? It's the tidy cats crystal blends non-clumping litter. Is it anything to be concerned about? She doesn't eat it out of the litter boxes, she will just eat them randomly off the floor. I keep sweeping those areas multiple times a day to prevent it, but litter keep getting on the floor. Anyone else's cat do this?
  2. No, my cat has never done that...I'd switch litter brands and see if she will still do it.
  3. I have never seen one of my cats do this but I know that my parents switched to organic kitty litter because when one of their dogs was a puppy she was always trying to eat things out of the litter box, so they switched to the organic because they knew it wouldn't harm her.
  4. Hi purplekitty! I am not sure if eating cat litter is 'normal' for adult cats... I know kittens will sometimes do it so hence recommendation of non-clumping litter filler... Hopefully lizavet8 will chime in...
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies!
    As for changing the litter, I am a bit hesistant to change it because my cat doesn't like any change very much, and I don't know if she'll even use it then. She's been using this litter ever since I brought her home. But lately I've been noticing how she eats little pieces off the floor. She had a blood test this past July, and it was normal. I am worried that it might be something abnormal, but wouldn't that have shown in her blood tests a few months ago?