cat called while exersizing?

  1. i'm really starting to get annoyed by cat calls. it happens nearly every time i exersize outside and it's usually the negative kind. i've been mooed at from trucks, wolf whistled then snickered at from hotel balconies, barked at and "hey baby, why bother!" by passers by.

    i wear headphones now so its easier to ignore, but it used to REALLY upset me to the point of tears. now i just tell myself that i can change they way i look, but they'll always be a**holes. it's still annoying though.

    not to be conceded, but i'm not an ugly girl and i'm only about twenty pounds above my ideal weight...besides it happens whether i'm thin or heavy. i don't wear revealing clothes, i've tried changing the times i exersize and the routes i take and it doesn't help. it doesn't happen to anyone else i know nearly as frequently as it does to me. i'm not willing to give up being outside. :smile: does anyone else have this problem? is there anything else i can do to avoid drawing attention to myself?
  2. Oh my god...That is RIDICULOUS!! Im so sorry. That would really upset me as well. What the hell kind of people would do that! I dont care who I see exercising the first thing that comes to mind is GOOD FOR THEM! Or I bet they feel good..or something else positive. Keep your head phones on and keep on going woman. Taking care of you is more important! I hope that never happens again. I really do. I wish I was exercising with you because I would turn around a say you know what...F*** YOU very much. ( I know...not nice but really!)
  3. OHHH Sorry! That seriously sucks! People can be so dumb!

    That's why I love treadmills and the elliptical machine sooooo much! I don't have to deal with the people or the weather!!
  4. What a bunch of A**holes! Just keep those headphones on and ignore them. On a side note, I bet you that most of those guys that are making those comments aren't Brad Pitt clones...
  5. wow!! I can't believe that!!! That would upset me too, so i understand why you crank on the headphones. Those people are ugly. Like Sunshine said, the first thing that comes to mind is "good for them". Hopefully you can feel better knowing that those people do not have an ounce of class.
  6. Hey ilzabet. I get the same **** sometimes also when I run outside.:hysteric: It is frustrating but you just ignore it. :shrugs:

    However, I personally would NOT wear the headphones for the very reason of what is going on. You need to be aware of your surroundings while you are outside and unless you are exercising in an area that you know is safe and car free, I don't feel it's a good idea to wear them outside. You never know what kind of psychos will creep up on you if you can't hear anything. That's why I stopped wearing them.

    Headphones are good for indoor cardio, not outside JMO.
  7. Wow. People need to grow up! If you hear a negative comment whip one back at em!
  8. aw. thanks everyone for the kind words. :smile: i guess i'll just have to keep doing what i'm doing.

    thanks for the tip cassidy. i actually run along the beach in the middle of the day in a teenytiny town, so no cars. (the beach/tourist atmosphere is probably the reason i get cat called too, now that i think about it. people leave their brains home on vacation. but it's also the reason i'm not willing to run inside...would you if the beach was a block away? ;)). i keep them down low enough so that i can hear what's happening around me...hence why i can still hear the catcalls instead of totally ignoring them. but it's such a good safety tip. i'm always tempted to wear them when i run in the residential areas too. it's a good reminder not to.
  9. Geez. The nerve of some people!!

    Just keep to your exercises and ignore them. On holiday or not, there's still no excuse for being so ill mannered!! :cursing:
  10. What rude, inconsiderate asshats! :cursing: What about flipping them the bird? :nuts:

    I don't run outside where I live for this very reason. My neighborhood is very close to major roads with lots of traffic. I used to run in Orlando all the time, because we lived in a closed-off community that had a 4-mile loop around it, with hardly any traffic.

    Don't let it get to you. Keep on going. If it makes you feel good, that's what counts :wlae:
  11. Grrrr. People make me so mad! Our little town lies between two interstate exits. They built very nice sidewalks for the entire 5-mile stretch of the main road. DH and I started talking our walks on the sidewalks instead of our neighborhood for a change of scenery. We couldn't take a walk in peace with the rude people yelling as they drove by. We decided to stick with our neighborhood before I ended up throwing a rock at someone! I'm not overweight, but I'm not thin either. I have zero self confidence, so I just couldn't brush off the rude comments. Sorry you're having the same problem. It's infuriating.
  12. In India, there's the expression "Ma, Behan nahi hai?" as in
    "DON'T you have any mothers or sisters?" but..i fear that wouldn't quite have the same effect here.

    I really don't think you should flip them the bird or curse never know w/ people these, this way you won't be stooping to their immature level.
    I suggest just simply IGNORING them ...what i have done in the past, which has worked is going right UP to the guy's face and asking really loudly (so that other passerbys can hear) and in all earnesty and seriousness "Can you please say that again to my face?" which has the effect of a mild whispering "whaaaa? i didn't say anything..." and then a slinking away...

    keep up the running!!
  13. People are so rude. Don't let their stupidity get to you.
  14. Buy one of those handheld bullhorn blasters, looks like a small flashlight.
    Jog right buy them on the sidewalk and when you hear a catca.....BLAM! BLAM! BLAM BLAM!!!! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's the most annoying, loudest frigging noise you've ever heard in your life and it will shut them right up. make sure to wear earplugs yourself though!