cat beano?

  1. Anyway this is my first time really posting here anything about animals. I have different birds, a cat, and turtles.

    Although I love my cat, she floofs way too much and it STINKS!!! She does it often too :tdown: Does anyone know what to do to reduce her stinking up? It's especially bad when she sits on my lap while I'm at the computer and floofs :crybaby:

    Anyway for the heck of it, here are pics of her
  2. She is adorable! My cat does that too and the only thing you can really try is changing her food or treats. If she has no other problems I would probably just put up with it...and buy some nice smelling candles. :p
  3. I think it probably is the food. Ever since I changed to Iams, she's been floofing up a gas storm! I bought the "digestive" type of food too. Oh well, time to change to another brand!
  4. Gradually changing to another kind will hopefully fix the problem. Please don't change all at once though as that could upset her tummy.

    I have two cats and have never once encountered a cat floof.
  5. my mom's cat is named Kitty McStinky for a reason;)she farts all.the.time.
  6. She's gorgeous!
  7. She's so cute! My cat does the same thing. We named her Meeko, but call her stinky instead. She's just so smelly sometimes, but we still love her. I don't think it's the food we feed her b/c my other cat eat's it and she's never had a smelly problem
  8. We feed our cat max cat light mixed with meow mix or kit and caboodle and we have no problem. Give it a try.
    Your cat is so cute...
  9. Awww, such a cute kitty!! Very pretty!
    I would suggest going to your vet to rule out any potentially serious causes that could be causing your cat to do this. Good luck! I hope she is better soon!
  10. One of my cats had this "problem" when she was a baby, but she has since outgrown it.

    I agree with the others who think it may be the food. What agrees with one cat, may not work for another.

    Let us know how the new food works.
  11. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions! I'll definitely give them a try.

    She's sitting and snoozing on my lap this very second. She's my cute stray cat and is actually very well behaved. She is the only friendly, dog-like cat I have ever had in my life! Usually cats are so independent but she's running to the door as soon as I'm home and follows me everywhere and doesn't even care when I use her as a pillow lol She won't even eat her food in the morning till I walk her to her bowl even if food is in there and even likes me to walk her to her bowl at night and always tries leading the way for me. Sometimes it can be such a pain but I :love: her