cat and puppy cafes/petting parlors

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  1. In NYC, I have been quite aware of cat cafes, but during a recent trip to Singapore we discovered places where you paid an entrance fee for a hour of cuddling with cats and dogs (and puppies and kittens).

    They were very well supervised -- you didn't get to go in and start grabbing animals. I think this is a very interesting idea. I missed my little ones after being away from them for so long, and my traveling companions had to drag me away from the puppy place lol.

    I wonder if these are in other cities? Do you think it is bad/good for the animals?

    I think it would be great to have them in airports so you could get some furry cuddles on layovers.
  2. What happens to them when they're no longer puppies/kittens?

  3. a cat cafe recently open in sydney, they have a kitten area and an older cat area, the kittens are up for adoption to anyone interested
  4. ahh.. good to know. hoping the others do the same.
  5. There are cat cafes in the U.S. Chicago for instance and I believe there's one in NY. Usually they're run by shelters and the cats are adoptable, although not always. A cat café opened in our city. I was going to check it out but heard the cats were freaked and most were hiding out in the back room during the opening weeks. :biggrin:
  6. I've been to lady dinah's cat cafe in London. It was actually a nice experience. The set up is like popping in for a coffee in someone's living room and you definitely feel like you've entered the cats' domain. The cats were just doing their own things, but were happy for u to play with them with their fishing rod etc toys. I did feel a bit silly for having gone to a cat cafe when I had my own cat to play with at home though.
  7. I went to a cat cafe in Kuala Lumpur, this one was a bit different to the cafes in the US and Canada the cats were all purebred breeds (persians, bengals, scottish folds) and owned by the cafe owner. They were not up for adoption and they lived in the cat cafe.

    it was the same set up though- a cafe on the exterior with a cat room set up like a living room with lots of cat shelves, toys and trees. They were all lounging and hanging out. Their were strict rules- volume of voice, no touching sleeping cats, no feeding them people treats or drinks. They seems happy, playful and content. It was nice being able to visit (I actually went twice while in KL lol!!!) because I missed my kitties :biggrin: