Cat and dog fur imports banned

  1. ITN - Tuesday, June 19 11:15 pm
    The import of cat and dog fur will be banned by the end of next year following a European Parliament vote.

    Overwhelming support for the move follows eight years of campaigning has seen celebrities including Heather Mills and Rick Wakeman join the cause.
    The ban is expected to save the lives of up to two million cats and dogs in China, a prime source for pelts which are usually stripped from the animals live.
    Video of the slaughter was a key part of the crusade by Ms Mills, who visited the European Parliament twice to press for action, and encouraged Hollywood stars to join calls for a ban.
    Sir Paul McCartney used a television interview last year to demand a boycott on Chinese fur products and on the Beijing Olympics in 2008 until the trade was banned.
    Conservative Euro MP Struan Stevenson said he was travelling to Beijing to ask the authorities to stamp out the trade now that markets in 27 European countries are about to be closed off.
    He said: "The horrific trade in cat and dog fur is about to meet its Waterloo.
    "Despite the long campaign to bring this horrific practice to an end there are still many shoppers in the UK and the rest of Europe blissfully unaware that the items they buy are actually made from the skins of cats and dogs."
    Cat and dog fur appears in EU shops as coats, novelty hair bows for children, toy figurines, linings for boots and gloves and even as homeopathic arthritis aids.
    The products are often marked as fake fur and most buyers are unaware of the true origins.

  2. Great news.... It is about time, so awful.
  3. I know, I heard the news. I want to block out the reality that cats and dogs are killed for their furs...
  4. Fantastic news!!! If only the fur trade could be banned all together!! Thats the next step!
    I know a lot of people slate Heather Mills but she has done a whole lot of good for animals!!! xx
  5. I can't believe that that is just now being banned. I can not imagine the type of person it would take to skin a dog or cat alive :wtf: , it is just so sad. I am glad the is is being banned now!!
  6. I am really happy about this, thanks for posting Caitlin! However, I still wonder about the fate of these cats and dogs and question whether their lives will be much better living in China... Where did they get all the animals from in the first place?
  7. Good, any type of fur should be banned! It's cruel to kill an animal for its fur in the first place. Also, its tacky!!
  8. ^ ITA!!! How cruel & evil can someone be! :cursing: No living creature deserves this disgusting inhumane treatment!
  9. It's about time that this evil act is just now being banned. It's another step towards eliminating the whole fur industry for good.
  10. Thank goodness it is finally being stopped! It is so gross and cruel for--any type of animal fur is uncalled for IMHO.