Cat Accessories

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase cute cat accessories? I have a Persian and she needs some dressing up. Thanks!
  2. You know what I use to dress up my cat? Teddy Bear Clothes!!!!!

    They fit great, look great, and usually are not to much money. Rini has some sweaters, t-shirts, and I get her Halloween costumes there too!!!

    Her cat bowls and litter box, which isn't dressing "her" up but still a needed fashion item, come from:

    Cats Rule

    They sell them at most Petsmart nowadays. Not only are they way cute, but they are the only pet food bowls tested approved for human food consumption!
  3. Thanks everyone for all the ideas! I will have to give them a try. The collars and buttons and very cute and I'll have to see if Bella (my cat) would let me dress her up in clothes. I'm sure she'd look adorable. I'm sure there is a website or something that makes cat clothes. I might even try myself....
  4. Here's my Bella a few months ago. She's a kitten....
    boo bear.JPG
  5. Bella's gorgeous!
  6. Thanks passerby :0)
  7. Awww she's so cute :biggrin: I wana hug her like crazy!
    I could never get my cat to wear anything :O he'd just find a way to pull it off sadly :/ lol
  8. What a cutie pie! Great name- I once had a cat named Bella, too.
  9. [​IMG]

    Don't know whether the picture can be seen, but these kind of cat collars are very popular right now. :wlae:
  10. Bella is precious!