Casual Wedding Dress??

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  1. I'm posting this for a friend, she's overseas till her wedding in summer and doesn't have access to as much shopping, plus is stressed and exhausted from looking over there. Basically, she wants a casual, simple wedding dress (she can wear again) in an off-white color, possibly champagne? She prefers cap can even be knee-length. Oh, and cheap. lol. Any ideas?? TIA!!! :smile:
  2. Hahahahaha, I picked out both of those too! I guess great minds think alike =)
  3. This one is in buttercup but I think it would be fine for a wedding or any event. It also has cap sleeves and is by Tahari which is a good name

    this one
    so cute!
  4. I just love the CK one! Girl, you are really awesomw with finding dresses :smile:
  5. Aw thanks, I try and I still think that one looks like a wedding dress.
  6. btw there was a bride sale in Saks this weekend, all size 8 and 10s but could be sized down. Some of the dressed looked amazing they had vera wang and remn acra (sp?)
  7. What is a casual wedding dress? I don't think I've ever seen that before.
  8. What about a Butter by Nadia dress? It's completely convertible, so she can wear it one way for the ceremony, switch to another for the reception, and then switch again for regular wear!