Casual wear and the Damier.

  1. Greetings, all! I'm new here, and bought my first Louis this morning, a Mono Speedy 25 @ Macy's 34th. I'm 21, and have been a tomboy all my life, and just started getting interested in bags.

    I'm planning to buy another bag, a Papillon 30 in the spring (although I'll buy a few acessories between now and then :yahoo:). I really admire the Damier canvas, but I'm not sure I should choose it over Mono. The reason being that I'm a really casual dresser and the Damier is sophisticated, more dressy (my perception). The mono canvas really seems to go with everything. But I find myself really admiring the beauty of the Damier canvas.

  2. i went through the same thing....i recently got my first lv bag and its the mono speedy 25 and i debated for months over the damier or the mono and im really glad i chose the mono for the speedy cause i carry it every day and it goes great with jeans and a tshirt and also when i dress up.......i definatly want to purchase the damier but i am going to that in a different style bag or even an agenda!!!
  3. ps welcome!!! post some pics of your bag!!!!!
  4. Firstly, welcome and congrats on your new speedy! I think you should go for the damier for your next can look great with a pair of jeans and white tee!
  5. Welcome! : )

    I think the Damier is also pretty casual, but it can go both ways, it has a lot to do with the outfit you wear.
  6. Welcome to the PF and congrats on your speedy. I personally LOVE the damier print, it's funny because I never use to, but it does grow on you and you're right, it's more sophisticated. :smile:
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes! Here are pics of my baby. I made sure I documented the opening of the box, slide by slide...:yes:

  8. the Damier bags can be totally dressed up or down, because the pattern of the canvas is so versatile. and the Papillon 30 looks much better in the Damier :yes:
  9. I don't think the damier is too dressy, I carry my damier speedy 30 everday, whether I'm wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or slacks and jacket.
  10. Congrats on the Speedy!!

    I would definately say that the Papillon looks STUNNING in damier...that gets my vote!!

    Damier can be dressed up OR down, IMHO:smile:
  11. congrats on the speedy

    i agreee, the papillon is so much better in damier, 30...
  12. Congratulations on the Speedy! Nothing like your first LV. The papillon is great in Damier and also looks great on a smaller person. I have the Speedy in Mono and Damier. You might want to change the shapes of your bags, because it can get a little boring.
  13. Congrats on your speedy! I think mono is a perfect choice for your first LV. I have a damier speedy that I carry with everything. I think it can be pretty casual, but you should get something that you really like and will be very comfortable carrying. You might check out the visual aids thread to see some damier examples (there might be some casual pics in there). Hope you enjoy your new purse!:biggrin:
  14. Congrats on your first LV!! I agree with the other ladies, I think the Damier is so versatile that it goes with everything. So doesn't the mono though, so with both you can switch off when you like!
  15. Damier looks great with any type of outfit!
    The Papillon is a great choice!