Casual summer work wardrobe-help!


Jan 3, 2008
For my work in a creative field, I need to be stylish but casual, since I do a wide variety of tasks during the day. In the fall and winter, I find getting dressed easy and generally wear some variation of jeans or leather leggings, ankle boots and a blazer/blouse/sweater. But in the summer it is so hard! I live in a hot climate and try to avoid jeans on the really hot days. Cotton dresses are great but some days dresses aren't practical for my job. I find it hard to not look too conservative( the j crew summer look) or too sloppy. Any specific suggestions? I may try some of the dressier summer shorts I've seen this year. Any other ideas for looking chic and being practical?
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May 26, 2010
Berkeley, CA
Going to throw out some ideas...

Lightweight but structured blazer + silky tank (or t-shirt) + slouch/harem pants.

Breezy knit sweater (cropped one if you're adventurous) + full/midi skirt.

Fun jumpsuit?

Toughen up your standard white shirt + linen pants combo with brogues (my current obsession).

ETA: If you're on Instagram, check out merryparker. A lot of her looks are stylish but perfect for hot weather. :smile:


Jan 20, 2012
Can you wear lightweight jeans or pants with a nice sleeveless top? Maybe something cool on your feet like sandals or slingbacks? Pants may not be so bad if you can cool off through your arms and feet.


Jan 3, 2008
Thanks for the suggestions. I can wear most anything within reason-sleeveless, sandals and silk shorts would not be a problem. It is an image focused job/profession so I do need to think about what I wear. I love and have a few jumpsuits-with the right styling they would be a good option. What I really need to find is non-jean pants. I have so much trouble finding the right fit and fabric.


Always Refining
Dec 19, 2013
Candy Land
My go-to casual (read as: no big client presentations) warm weather outfit for work is a pair of cotton ankle zip crops with a light silk blouse. It's pretty easy to dress up or down with heels or sandals, jewelry, etc.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
Agreed that heels can dress up the whole outfit effortlessly.
I too work in creative field (arch) and I just make sure I have a blazer on. Summer the same since the AC makes it cold enough to wear a blazer in door. Sometimes I wear shorts but I got told to wear slacks when go to job sites.


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May 16, 2009
SF Bay Area, CA
I have these pants:
and think they are pretty awesome. They are a technical fabric, breathable with a touch of stretch, but drape nicely. I wear them with the leg uncinched with heels to work and no one can tell they are a technical fabric. They're also super easy to care for (machine washable, tumble try low).

LLL has line of these type of pants also, here's one type, though I haven't tried them on in person.

These pants have the advantage of breathable, moisture wicking fabrics but still look work appropriate.