casual skins vs dressy skins?

  1. So far I have or had togo, box, clemence, fjord, evergrain,vl and chevre.
    I consider togo, clemence and fjord to be more casual sort of rough and tumble skins and box and chevre to be dressier skins.
    How about you?
    But where does vl, evergrain and swift fit? more casual? or dressier?

    OK, for me, dressy = boxcalf, chevre, VL, and of course, the exotics.

    Casual= clemence (the ultimate casual skin, in my opinion) swift

    In between, I reckon, togo, evergrain and fjord.

    Depends on the type of bag, too, and the size.

    So, are you on the hunt for a more dressy bag...or just thinking out loud??? LOL!!
  3. Actually, swift is hard to place....
  4. i think ostrich is casual for me - but croc is deff. dressy!
  5. ^^I've been longing for a Birkin 35 or 32 HAC (surprise) that is super slouchy and casual --but was hoping for something other than clemence. I have two clemence bags so I'd like something a little different and was hoping for a lighter leather. I had it in my head that swift would fit the bill until a friend of mine referred to it as a dressier leather. Now I am not sure that the bag in my head exists!
  6. I kinda see Swift as a little dressier. Just a preconceived notion on my part, you know, smoother leather=dressier, textured leather=casual.
  7. ^ I feel the same HG, but I wanted a casual bag in swift, so I'm trying to get my head around casual+ swift - LOL!!
  8. EVERY bag exists, we just need to fine-tune the combo!!
  9. RC - I am exactly the same. I want a 30 birkin (because mine are 35's), but a more casual one...and thought YAY...etoupe swift!! A little softer than what I already have, and white topstich can look more casual....but perhaps not???
  10. I guess that I kinda see the slouchier leathers as casual and the stiffer ones as dressier.
  11. ^^GF, I don't know. I was thinking for my large casual bag it would be a 35 etoupe swift!
    OK, who has an etoupe swift birkin? and do you think of it as casual or dressy?
  12. what about that matte souple croc Lindy in Le Monde? Casual or dressy?
  13. or drasual.
  14. i disagree about swift, it is not so glossy as box and for me that says it is more casual...but every one has their own tastes, this is just mine.
  15. :yes:I agree. I also think barenia is casual for this reason.

    RC, I think a 35cm in Etoupe Swift would be TDF. I would love to see pics, too!