Casual Riviera??

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  1. Hi Everyone - Does anyone else here think the riviera is too tailored to wear casual? When I say casual, I mean with jeans and low shoes.
    I purchased one in Red about a week ago, and thought I could pull it off. Now I don't know. I'd really like some honest opinions.
    Thanks so much!!
  2. i think if your casual is dressy casual, it would be fine. (nice jeans, nice shoes, pretty top, not weekend jeans and casual flats.) if that makes any sense!
  3. Nope-your riviera will fit with jeans & flat shoes even you'll look great :yes: Trust me, I've riviera, too ( in black & blue ). Actually it's make-up case but I sometimes use it as handheld bag as the style is rare and not a lot women carry it ;-p
  4. Ooh, I think you got red riviera with gold hardwares, didn't you? Thought I ever read your thread about red riviera :smile:
  5. Ups sorry I think you're not the woman I mean, sorry ;p
  6. That was me :smile: I haven't taken pics yet....But I think fine for casual.
  7. :blush: yes, it's you, twinkle.tink :smile: sorry, I just realized when I check your thread, sorry :shame:
  8. no, why not?