Casual Kelly?

  1. First of all, let me say that this is the cutest picture ever! (photo credit goes to Fesdu...who also has one of the cutest dogs ever!) You have all corrupted me! I knew better than to venture into the Hermes subforum several weeks ago, and I did it anyway! Anyway, I have been thinking about getting a Bolide while I save for a Birkin, but given today's NY Hermes report and the "HelloKitty" pic on the "Members' Items" thread, I am now also thinking about a Kelly. So my question IS...if I am really casual (jeans, turtleneck cashmere sweater, even UGG boots--there, I said it!) can I pull of a Kelly? I would want a larger size-- preferably like a 35cm. Since the Kelly is somewhat easier to find, perhaps I should start this way and work my way up to the Birkin...give me your honest opinions, ladies!
  2. whoa..I was scared to see HelloKitty there! hehe. Thanks ET! :flowers: (and my dog say thanks, too!)
    and I am so glad we corruupted you completly! Yes! go for a Kelly as well! Like most of the H can dress it up or go casual! and wait for the birkin while you enjoy Kelly! :upsidedown:
  3. Fesdu, I LOVE that you were the first one to reply! Yes, it was the HelloKitty pic that pushed me over the edge into Kellyland...:lol:
  4. of course, you can pull them off. don't be silly. these bags can be dressed up or down. look for either the souple or sellier versions as they tend to be more casual than the rigide IMHO. good luck.
  5. H_L is right! Souple vs/ Rigide for a nice casual look that can STILL go evening as well. I think it's a terrific idea to go for the Kelly first...enjoy it and then wait for the Birkin later.....perfect!!!!
  6. I have definitely worn the ostrich Kelly with jeans before, it really works!:yes:
  7. A Kelly is an excellent choice. I have a black Kelly with ruthenium hardware which gives it an "edge." It can be casual or I can dress her up.
  8. I :heart: this pic too! See, that's why I want a togo Kelly in a fun color. I am pretty casual and just think it would be perfect. My SA's trying to talk me into rigide box or chevre and while they are so beautiful and I want one someday right now a togo Kelly seems more "me". :lol: I think you should definitely get one Et!!!:yes:
  9. I love that picture of Fedsu too. Her Kelly is so beautiful, I love the color. I have a Gold 32cm Togo Kelly. Most of the time I am pretty casual too, I wear the bag with jeans and t-shirts. I love how it looks. I also wear it with suits and skirts and sweater sets to work and church and it looks good too. That's the great thing about the Kelly, it can be dressed up or down.
  10. Casual kelly, YES!!

    Umm, but no Ugg boots for me even though it's comfortable. Time to embrace fall/winter chunky platforms & wool-ankle boots. :flowers:

    [p.s. CB fall/winter pumps are available in python skin, marigold, peacock blue & silver. Buy, buy or else you'll regret. Prada boots are TDF. I've seen them.];)
  11. i love kelly.. the first hermes bag i got was kelly.. i got a birkin lateron but still my love kelly!
  12. I think the Kelly is even more versatile than the Birkin and is SOO chic and fabulous with jeans. I'd wear a CROC Kelly with jeans.
    GO for it! You won't be disappointed!
  13. you are so right!
    and i think a souple kelly would be perfect for you