Casual handbag?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm looking for a new casual bag, preferably a slouchy shoulder bag that's not too big. It would also be good if the bag isn't too common like LV.

    I really love the Chloe paraty but am not exactly willing to fork out $2k for that.
    I guess my price range would be around <$1.5k unless it was something amazing, then I would pay more.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Jerôme Dreyfuss Billy or Jérôme Dreyfuss Etienne seem to be what you are looking for.
    They are around 550 and 800 euros.
  3. Do you know the Gerard Darel 24 hour bag? It seems like an affordable alternative to the Chloe, a casual leather shoulder bag.
  4. Funny...because I wanted to suggest it as well!
    Gérard Darel Charlotte 24 hour is a best-seller in France and has been since the beginning! So is the Midday Midnight and...The Simple Bag which is a tote....
  5. I actually havent, but I like it!
    I live in Australia though, so it may be a bit hard to hunt it down. I will search it up. Thanks!!
  6. Re the Paraty, would you consider buying preowned from a reputable source? I bought my Chloe Paraty in epice for a snip (compared to the original price anyway) and you would never know it had been used.
  7. Henry Cuir are my favorite. Barney's has several of them now. I own the saddlebag in black. Very low-key but gorgeous.
  8. I'm a huge Ferragamo fan, so I suggest checking them out. Most are structured, but there are some slouchy bags. And, tbh, the new Coach Legacy line really is lovely. I especially love the emerald green for this season.
  9. Get the Paraty from somewhere like HG Bags? Even with my having to pay customs (d'oh!), the bag landed for just under 1.5k.