Casual floor-length dresses (pics)

  1. Anyone want to post their favorites? I love this look with a pretty flat.

  2. those are so pretty....dreamy....lady's good to be a girl, isn't it?
  3. ooo I love goddess dresses - I can't wait to get a couple. especially since it seems so very cool and comfy!
  4. I love that white one!!

    And I love casual dresses, even though I dont have that many for myself yet (and none are floor length :[), but my mom wears dresses and skirts all the time just for everyday wear.

    Hm. Lets see. . .I love this one!! I want to order it for my mom.


    And some more. . .




    (Cant see this one that well -)
  5. I like the color of this one -


    I think its just a 'past the knees' dress though, not floor length.
  6. Ohh! this is so weird! I was actually shopping online for dresses like these for the summer. I'm having lipo on my legs and jeans will be oo hot so goddess dresses are the ultimate solution!

    IntlSet can you tell me where the lower left hand dress is from? I love it!

    I also like ingwa melero dresses thoug tey don't have te best selection in the UK.
  7. I'm so jealous of people who can wear longer dresses!
  8. Hi LondonBrat! It's from Neiman Marcus's website!
  9. On shopetc there is a feature on floor length dresses.

    Here is the first:

    [​IMG] Just Cavalli Long Empire Dress, $1,615 (sizes 40-46) A vivid patchwork of the designer's signature animal prints plus African-inspired embroidery turn this empire-waist cotton dress into the temptress of the night. Let onlookers admire the double-tiered hem swirling about you as you glide away; Just Cavalli, FL, 305-861-5151. Anne Klein "Preston" Sandals, $100 (sizes 6-11); Nordstrom, 800-695-8000 for stores, or

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. not if your not a girl. :cry:
  11. lol.........Girls rule :yes:
  12. i can't actually wear them(i feel too short even if i'm not this short...:shame:smile:, but love how they look on other people!!!:love:
  13. I love these dresses! I actually bought one about two weeks ago and I've already been able to wear it twice (to two completely different events of course).