Casual Clutches... any recommendations

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  1. I don't know why, but lately I fell that I really need a clutch handbag, not necessarily a fancy nighttime one, but one I could carry anytime, anywhere. Any suggestions. I get these thoughts in my mind and I won't rest until I find the perfect one. I've been searching but all I'm finding are night clutches. I want one I can easily cary with casual wear i.e., jeans and boots (or even flats). I'm tired of always carrying a handbag. Also, am I climbing up the wrong tree? Is this not done? Price wise I don't want to spend much more than about $200.

    Please advise, with your thoughts, thanks in advance.
  2. I think clutches are great for day when you don't have much to carry. :yes:

    I agree that there aren't so many day clutches around, so why not either find a nice vintage one, or buy a continental (long) wallet and carry that as a clutch?
  3. Lauren Merkin has really nice leather clutches that look right in any occation, and they are just around 200$
  4. I like these ones and i read a comment on Zappos about a girl who found the denim clutch suprisingly roomy:
    marc 1.jpg marc 2.jpg marc 3.jpg marc 4.jpg
  5. ^ Love the last MJ! Very cute! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    You could always wear a slightly dressier clutch during the day, of course. I like to wear them with fairly casual black and brown clothes and boots during the day - I like the contrast. :biggrin:

    What about this Felix Rey clutch? It also comes in light gold metallic, but I suppose that would make it more evening-y:

  6. Coach makes some thats sightly out of your price range.
  7. Lauren Merkin's clutches are fantastic - great leather and the prices are right in your price range. I have a Louise clutch in black leather that's my standard going out clutch - it looks great with jeans and also with dressier items.