casual clothes?

  1. What is your definition of casual clothing?

    For me, it really depends on the shoes. The more comfortable the shoe, the more casual it is.

    Also shirts/sweaters that are are looser and less restrictive and hide my stomach are casual.

    For me, casual and comfort are proportionally related.
  2. I definitely agree with you Sonya - its all about the shoes :yes: I can wear an outfit with flip flops and it will look ultra casual and wear the same outfit with heels and it will look much dressier.
  3. And does casual mean unembellished? No beading, no ruffles, no lace, no frills?
  4. ^^ No, not to me. For me, casual is more about the fabric and texture and not so much about the embellishment. For example, cotton can be dressy when it is crisp and has a slight sheen, but it is casual if it is t-shirt material, even it if is a beaded or ruffled cotton t-shirt.

  5. Casual to me means something I wear around the house, to step over to a neighbor's, go to the pharmacy or the supermarket.

    If there's a definition, I think it would be more like an absence of thought and planning, trying on different outfits, etc. I don't even think about whether whatever everyday bling I have on matches the hardware of the bag last used, and therefore hanging on the doorknob already loaded with sub-purse containing all the essentials I just grab it and go!
  6. Casual, in my books, is something that looks cute enough to go out shopping/ hanging out, but not smart enough for work. This, taking into consideration that my job allows us quite a fair bit of freedom when it comes to our dressing - jeans etc.

    My work clothes are pretty comfy, so comfort and being casual wouldn't necessarily be proportionally related for me.
  7. ditto. Also the jewelry can make an outfit much more dressy.
  8. Casual generally means that it should be comfortable, practical, and functional. For mean, flip flops, sneakers, and jeans are always casual and t-shirts are almost always casual. But that's basically my exact thoughts on it. Casual clothes shouldn't require very much effort to put together, and I agree with ShimmaPuff that there isn't an easy deffiniton.