Casual Camo

  1. Looking for ideas, please post your outfit.
  2. I don't have photos, but camo is pretty mainstream here.
    Very soft and muted and worn w/ everything.

    Looks really cute w/ pink :biggrin:
  3. what color camo, Green, grey, or brown?

    I"m off to locate a pair today :smile:
  4. mostly greens/tans here, some pink camo as well:yes:
    Old Navy often carries some.
  5. I went through an entire mall and nothing.
    So i'm going to have to head into the city, I thin there is an old navy there and see what I can find. I'll get on this once the kids get home from school.

    I'd like some ideas on style, what type of shirts to wear with and shoes.
    I'm lost now that fall/winter is here because this is generally the time i'm back into heels.
  6. I like to wear mine w/ fitted tees and Puma sneakers, also cute w/ flip flops.