Casual bag


Jun 30, 2017
Just wondering what bags people use for days at the park with kids, taking the dog for a walk or any other casual errand running.


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
Light grey Kipling Amiel, Day Et Gweneth bum bag, Mulberry Antony or Decadent Kylie crossbody are the ones I take with me when I'm going with the kids and I may need to carry water bottles, bandaids etc. When it's me and le BF/mum/friends, I usually just take a mini bag like DKNY Sofia, Coach Nolita 19 or Coach Penny - something that can carry a card holder, iPhone 6S and hand sanitizer. If I have to go shopping I take a larger bag like a Kipling hobo or a foldable backpack, Coach Field tote 40 or DvF Voyage tote. I try to always have a larger bag for shopping trips because I hate carrying several bags and try to avoid taking plastic or paper bags whenever I can.