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    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo keep things low-key after lunching in Bel Air on Sunday. The following day, the singer's record label announced his first solo concert tour, which will kick off Sept. 20 in Albany.

    I guess is the reason they were pic'd going through the airport.
  2. Vanessa Minnillo




  3. They make a cute couple!:love:
    I :heart: her Louis Vuitton!:tender:
  4. I agree on both counts!
  5. They are cute together! I wish nothing but the best of luck to Nick.
  6. She is adorable and seems like a lot of fun! Good for Nick - not a dim bulb and cute to boot! (Before anyone bashes me - I know Jessica's not a complete idiot - just partial)
  7. I second that!!!
  8. Wooo globe tote !

    I like how we know so little about this relationship - Jessica and Nick's whole reality show about theirs just made my stomach churn
  9. they look cute together. i thought that they looked good in his music video "what's left of me".
  10. Vanessa M. is cute as a button! I love her personality on Entertainment Tonight, which is where I've only seen her-
  11. They are SO HOT!!!:love:
  12. Couples Watch

    Get the latest scoop on star romance (Nick & Vanessa! Pink & Carey! and more)
    MONDAY JULY 10, 2006 06:00AM EST

    Photo by: Lisa Mauceri / INFGoff[​IMG]
    If the couple that plays together stays together, then Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are off to a good start. The duo – who have been making the rounds all over the Big Apple – recently spent an afternoon at New York City sports bar Third and Long, where they competed in a friendly game of foosball and checked out the France vs. Portugal World Cup game.

    The casually dressed pair took refuge in a back corner of the bar and alternated drinking beer – Miller Light and Bud Light – with a few shots of Southern Comfort. "They were really laid back, just having a good time," bartender Gene Loughlin tells us. "They were having fun." And although Lachey politely asked Loughlin to keep people from approaching their table until the game finished, afterward the singer was gracious to fans and even took pictures with a few. "They said they'd be back again," says the bartender.
  13. oh, vanessa looks really cute in that outfit! i love it! i like this couple, both are smart and hot!
  14. She reminds me so much of Jessica! But yeah, she is really gorgeous and they do look hot together.
  15. They look cute together! I love her LV =)