Castor Red Paddy $1095 at Sabine's

  1. In the group of Paddies on this website, take a look a the gray one, with no Chloe imprint on the lock, and draw your own conclusions. This notice of a sale has been posted all over the board, and it seems fair people should have all the information.
  2. ^ Just wanted to make clear that I don't support Rally's whole tirade; just wanted to point out the specific part of post #7 that refers back to Vlad's statements regarding Sabine's authenticity. I have no affiliation with Sabine. I just think it's a good thing to voice my support for small shops that do sell authentic merchandise.
  3. I'm confused...^

    I have no affilliation with Sabine's Boutique, either, but it's been well reported that she sells only authentic goods, and i personally, would happily buy from her.:yes:

    Thanks for the heads up, cheetos.;)
  4. Is the castor color a more red or purple color? I'm confused in some pictures its purple in others its red?