Castor paddy?

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  1. Is the color Castor purplish like plum/aubergine? The 2 pic below are from LVR.
    I'm not sure if this color is too close to my 06 choco IRL. Can someone post a pic for side by side comparison?

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  2. Hi! well i dont have a picture, but ive seen it IRL, to me it seems closer to 05 choco paddy with a little reddish undertones
  3. oh...:sad: I've just put it in my cart 5 minutes ago... maybe I should delete it now?:crybaby:The color you described sounds yummy choco with a red undertone that I'd love to have, BUT it sure would look like choco, right? Dilemma, the price minus VAT is soooo good somemore!:hysteric:
    Thanks anyway babydollqueen:heart:
  4. yeah i think it would be pretty close to your 06 choco! maybe you should consider another color, hope u make a decision soon:yes:
  5. Hey there,
    I too have seen it in IRL, and it's more of a maroon color, maybe with some brown undertones. Nothing at all like aubergine, which is a purpley bronze. I agree it's pretty close to Paddy's chocolate. Close enough that you might want to consider a different color in my opinion.
  6. wow that's a beautiful color though... if you didn't have the chocolate! maybe try grenat?? not too close to chocolate, but also gorgeous!
  7. Thanks rinstar311 & KMSNYC:flowers: I have removed the Castor paddy from my shopping cart already, no point getting a similar color even if the price is quite good:P ....on the other hand if I have a full-bloomed-money-tree.... daydreaming again, sorry:shame:
  8. wait! Did I hear grenat? There's Grenat Paddy??:nuts: :yahoo:
    you don't mean Rouge/Red, do you?:s
  9. That's a gorgeous color! I really, really like that.
  10. Nope, I mean Grenat. Someone one here has one. Search for grenat paddy, I'm sure you'll find it. It's oooooooohhhh so beautiful. I am dying for it!! :heart:
  11. wah wah wah :crybaby: such a gorgeous color and it's gone already...
    and I am record breaking 11 months late in discovering grenat:smash:

    thanks rinstar311:heart: I am now on a grenat-hunt!:love:
  12. Hehe, you and me both!!
    Love the grenat!:love: :heart: :drool:
  13. okay, hunter Soleil is stopped in her Grenat-hunting-track by her phh :sad:because Soleil had just paid lots of $moolah$ for a Balenciaga 05 Turquoise Day:heart: ! Purse fund is now frozen until further notice :crybaby:

    Happy solo hunting chicky:choochoo:
  14. awww I love grenat too. I'd be hunting for it, if I didn't desperately need a Mousse first. Talk to me after Christmas when I have Mousse. Then I will be grenat hunting!