Castor Paddy

  1. Good morning,

    Does anyone have pictures of their Castor Paddy's that they'd be willing to share? (If there's a thread on this elsewhere and I missed it, I apologize. Feel free to direct me to it.)

    Thank you.
  2. Diabro's got closeups of a Mini Paddington in Castor - gorgeous color and great price! I've kept this exact one in my shopping cart for awhile (just in case Diabro sells out you still have yours in your cart until you buy it or remove it, but you have to register). Shamrock I hope you finally get your hands on a Paddington, hon!
    mini castor.jpg mini castor2.jpg
  3. Oh....I will! :graucho:
    Have a great weekend.
  4. Sabine's boutique has the castor for $1,195.00! Great price and she usually gives $25.00 off for PF members:smile: :tup: