Castor Paddy vs. Metallic Paddy

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  1. Hi guys - I desperately need your collective expertise and opinion. I'm getting my first paddy and am deciding between a Castor or Metallic blue (with the black lock.)

    I like the paddy in a dark color - love the Castor b/c it seems like a color that is 'mysterious' (if a color can be described that way...)

    I like the paddy in the metallic blue/black lock because it just looks great. But, i've never seen the metallic blue IRL and afraid it is too metallicky? I was told that it isn't really as metallic as some of the other Chloe colors.....i am just concerned b/c for this amount of money i'd like to see the bag as a multi-year investment but am not sure how many more seasons the metallic colors will be in style?

    Help!!! What do you think?
  2. Hmmm.... I like Castor myself. I am not a big fan of metallics and I have not seen the metallic blue with black lock, except on a clutch (i think it was a clutch, i can't remember...). Plus, i would get mad if the shiny-ness started to rub off. But now, back to you and your choices.... :smile:
    What color goes best with your outfits??? Which would you use most?
  3. i've been sitting here trying to visualize just how excited I would be opening a box with either the metallic blue or the castor paddy in it. think i've gone insane...ever since i found PF i've been craving bags after bags....

    WRT to clothing colors...i think the castor would probably work better. it may sound funny, but i feel that the castor might be more "neutral" given that it's a darker, more muted color than a metallic. i also have reservations about the black lock scratching. i was at saks the other day and saw a scratched black lock (on a black paddy.)
  4. Hehe, you sound just like me, I'm bag crazy and use that exact technique for choosing! Just need the money now :P
    It sounds to me like you'd be happiest with the castor (lovely colour) however I personally really like the metallics AND the black locks.Though I would be pretty angry:cursing: if any of it got worn off though. I think the castor is very classy, the blue a bit more evening bling. For day.night anytime gorgeousness I say Castor. It will remain more classic and is less likely to get damaged. Thats just my 2 cents though;)
    Let us know what you decide!
  5. Hi Yves St - great advice! I'm still thinking about it - it looks like the LVR stock is not going nearly as quickly as the Aloharag stock so I'll think about it over the weekend and then decide....
  6. writetoshirley,
    Have you checked out this thread ..... you can see my blue metallic!
    I love the metallics, but of course you have to be comfortable carrying it.
    Metallic Blue Paddington from NAP
  7. hi justonemore - i love your handle - i think it sums up my handbag attitude!!

    i saw your pictures and LOVE the blue metallic bag but am really concerned about the metallic rubbing off factor and the lock scratching - how is your experience so far with both of these things? thanks!
  8. i prefer the castor =) i've seen a friend's black padlock on her black bag, and it is horribly scratched, doesn't look nice at all anymore =( other than that i like the metallic blue too, but overall, i think the castor is the safer choice!
  9. Another vote for castor
  10. I also have an anthracite and have had it for a while now and it is fine, but that has a silver lock and silver hardware is the ONLY hardware that doesn't show a color contrast when scratched.
    I have used my blue metallic only a few times -- I do think the black lock will get scratched and probably chip, but that doesn't bother me.
    The gold locks do the same. The contrast is greater with the Black hardware as it will show thru as silver.
    You of course, have to be happy with what you purchase and expect that you might get some color rub on the metallics.
    Get what you will carry ------
    A Paddington in the Closet is a terrible thing to see!! LOL.
  11. what color is castor?:confused1: does it come with the classic gold hardware? i heard that it's a new color.:flowers:
  12. castor is a rich burgandy color, very rich. a bit traditional/formal looking. with the gold hardware....

    can be seen on - go to fall06 accessories section.
  13. writetoshirley::yes:
    i like the metallic better , it's more chic
    cuz i think paddy is a chic style.:wlae:
  14. :graucho: i say choose Castor--think it would make a great neutral!..

    Also, read about the metallics rubbing off and showing another color underneath...also I prefer non-metallics in paddy's --but of course, this is just my humble opinion!