Casto Creation's Tiny Non-Designer Collection

  1. I finally got around to taking some photos! I plan to increase this collection with some new purses soon...including possibly a Coach or LV come bonus time. :graucho:

    I wish I had taken better care of them, but going forward I will be!

    The majority of my collection (although I can't find my only Fossil purse anywhere)...

    One of my Alfani brown leather. Lots of room.


    My current everyday tote - handmade from Shabby Pine Cottage.

    And my everyday purse from Eirene on Etsy.
  2. Cute! I like the little green wallet!
  3. Neat. I like the handmade one, pretty patterns
  4. I wanted to add these but the original message was getting a little long.

    This is one that my grandmother bought 30 some odd years ago - it's handmade with super hard leather. I used it a few times but mainly just like it because it was my grandmother's.




    And a closeup of the wallet...which I think is a Fossil wallet.
  5. Nice bags..:yes:
  6. Yes, nice collection :smile:
  7. veeeeeeeery cute bags =)
  8. very nice :smile:
  9. Love your sweet everyday tote!!!
  10. thanks for sharing your collection.
  11. cute collection
  12. I like your etsy purse and your grandma's too! Cute collection!
  13. Cute collection.
  14. Nice collection - I love your grandma's purse. Still in great shape for being 30+ years old!
  15. Nice collection! I like your tote from Shabby Pine Cottage!
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