1. I think the Castillana may be from the Fall collection but I really love this style. Does anyone know who has them? The SA at Saks had no clue what I was taling about.

  2. I know that Saks carried them in black patent and red patent. had them in brown suede. And the Louboutin boutiques had them in black and red patent. However, since this shoe is from Fall it has already been marked down and basically sold out at this point. I recommend calling the CL boutiques in NYC because I recall seeing them there just a few weeks ago.
    Good luck. I love this style.
  3. Thank you so much for the help. I saw a bunch of the animal print and metallic on the sale raks but these must have already been gone. I will call the CL boutique as you mentioned.
  4. I got mine back in october from Saks NYC, like Kamilla mentioned, try there , good luck