Castillana Vs Lady Gres

  1. Hi guys i am in desperate need of your help urgently. I want to buy my 1st louboutin shoe and i am confuse which one should i buy, my shoe size in simple pump 85 is 37.5 and now i found black patent castillana in 38 and lady gres black suede 37.5.

    Please please help me to choose and the pros and cons for both, model wise, comfort wise and usage wise. i wont use louboutin as my daily shoe, i will only wear it to party or wedding etc.

    i think model wise castillana made my heart jump but i dunno is it comfortable? please anyone who has it please help..

    as in lady gres i alsoo love it aghh.. i am torn once again. thx a lot ladies for your time.
  2. Size wise since you are a 37.5 in the simple pump the lady gres in the same size would be comparable in terms of sizing and comfort. I think the castillana would be a hair too big, especially because they are d'orsays.

    For example, in the simple pump and lady gres I am a 37. I have tried the sevillana (the leopard pony hair version of the castillana) in a 37.5and it was too big for me lengthwise. Heel pads/liners would not have worked to help it fit better. Instead I have it in a 37.

    Both shoes are gorgeous. Each has it's pros and cons. I think the lady gres style is timeless and elegant, whereas the castillana is hot and sassy. Comfort-wise I think they are pretty equal, but I would give the lady gres an extra point since it's suede.
  3. Greyish, have you tried either of these styles on? I originally loved the Lady Gres and ended up ordering it, once I received it, I thought that it looked awful on me and it is very rare that I feel this way about Louboutin shoes.

    I have never tried on the Castillanas but I love the way they look in photos.
    Regarding sizing, I can only offer my comments on the Lady Gres. The style is very similar to the Very Prive, but the fit is more true to size than the Very Prive. If you wear a size 37.5 in the simple pump, then I feel that you should be ok with a 37.5 in the Lady Gres.

    Please wait for someone else to chime in regarding the Castillanas. I am guessing that since this shoe is a d'orsay style, it also runs close to true to size.

    I think that your decision should be based on what type of occassions you attend. I think the Lady Gres is a very classic shoe, reminds me of the pinup girls of the 1940s. I think the Castillana has more sex appeal to it - especially in black patent.
  4. I agree with both of you as far as sizing and also comments about the styles. I have the Castillana in both red patent and black patent and the lady gres in pewter leather. I originally had the lady gres in black leather, hunter green suede, and gray suede, but I decided that I liked the pewter leather the best so I have since decided to sell/return the others.

    I think your choice will depend on what type of occasions you plan on wearing them for and how long you also plan on keeping them. I think Castillanas are fun and sassy like Lavender stated, whereas the Lady Gres you can wear for years to come. If you are looking for a shoe to wear in the future, I would probably choose the Lady Gres!

    I haven't sold any of my current collection in a long time, but there are shoes that I probably will sell to make room for new ones!
  5. Asha, wow you have the black and red castillanas. Drooling here! Please post modeling photos, I love the red patent and am seriously deciding on it now. You have the greatest collection!
    I agree about the pewter leather lady gres being the nicest of all the other lady gres color/fabric options. I also had the grey suede and they don't look good on me at all.
  6. I think after receiving the lady gres in gray suede and then already having them in pewter leather was the problem. Had I not seen the pewter leather, I would have thought the lady gres in gray was gorgeous, especially when Kate Beckinsale was wearing them (although she looks amazing in everything lol).

    I don't have the red castillanas in hand, but I think Butterfly has them! They are hot and I love the shade of red. They are a sexy red like the rolando I believe, maybe not the same exact shade, but similar if anything.

    Please I have the great collection?! Yours isn't too shabby either. LOL I need to add quite a bit to the CL thread, but I'm so lazy to take photos. haha
  7. Grey I have the black patent castillanas, and typically wear a 38, these I purchased are a 37.5.... always almost true to your own size in a D'Orsay style, hope this helps :smile: